5 Underground or Under-Appreciated Anime of Spring 2021.

Hello everyone, I’m trying to expand the content that get’s published on this blog, so don’t freak out, I’m just experimenting with different posts and see how it goes. For now here is a list full of feelings for currently airing anime shows. I hope you enjoy it.

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CODENAME: I/R – 20% Checkpoint!

Ta-Da! Here’s an early pre viz of a new image of the MC and Dragos Shu Neven in CODENAME: I/R.

I’m currently writing a book, and I’m at the twenty percent checkmark, or around 20 thousand words.

Here’s a small checkup with my self.

Letting you know how it’s going and a small inside look into the process! You can check out if there has been any change to the progress of my writing on my Upcoming Projects page.

Because it’s neat!

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Ya’ll remember him?

It feels so good to be writing again. You could say I write every week, but that writing is for the internet, and thus very different. Internet writing is an end meet. While novel writing is a lot more personal.

Here’s the thing – I don’t start writing a story unless I’m 100% convinced it’s gonna be a story I’m gonna enjoy. With Codename AHOUS. I wasn’t feeling that. I don’t have the capacity to plunge through a story (although I’ve done it before) that I’m not feeling, that I’m not convinced is the right story, that it doesn’t spark something within me and lit’s a fire under me.

You know?

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I’m not doing enough with this blog.


Here’s the thing. Hosting cost’s money, and I just feel I’m throwing it down the drain. I should be doing weekly post’s But here we are. So what’s going to happen?

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Something happened, and I need to tell someone about it

This image is relevant I swear!

Of course I’ve already told all my friends.

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Astral Chart

Hello everyone, back at it again with another wrap-up, this on is a little super late. But better late than never if you ask me.

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Fourth episode is out now! Hope you enjoy it.

Remember this is a BI monthly series.

S1 will continue throughout 2021 and into 2022 ending in April.

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