Heavenly Bodies

In a world where death magic can come back to haunt you, either by making you go insane, or taking any one of your limbs beyond recognition. A secret organization called ‘The Sorcerers of the Wind’ embarked on a journey to release the Son of the Sun from a time prison. At the same time, the four chosen elementai are born into different families, they are destined to meet each other. They are to become sacrifices for the gods, as they demand powerful elementai in a boon for resetting the dying magic of Gliese. However, they reject this fate.

Now evil forces are at work, seeking them out at every turn. The elementai learn that the Atavistic, a long-forgotten civilization to the annals of time, might have the only way out of their predicament. They must learn of the secrets that abound at the center of Gliese. Humanity’s existence depends on it!


Self Published with love

  • This release of HB might contain some minor errors here and there and the narrative and overall structure are very different. This is the original release that doesn’t include extended character scenes nor unique lore that is privy to the new version. The author considers this version rushed to finish the project, however many of the initial lore propositions are present in this version.
  • This version includes maps and charts, including the original commissioned illustrations by several artists contracted for this project.
  • (Purchases are still valid for re-download)

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Version 1.0

Web-Novel version

  • This is the superior version and is considered out of beta by the author, fixes a lot of mistakes plus adds extra scenes to some characters/fixes pacing issues. Overall a revival post-mortem of the series.
  • Currently being serialized, publishing every two days.
  • Future volumes will be updated as web-novel first!

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~ Novellete (ACT 0) ~ Prelude.

Baron and Winsor are searching for the son of the sun in order to acess the secrets of The First Sphere.

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~ Book I (Act I – IV) ~ Awakening.

We get a brief glimpse of monotony before our four main protagonist’s, Rae, Forest, Catalina and Ramiel are thrown into the ceremony of one hundred in order to understand what does joining the sacrifical tribe of the gods really mean. And what exactly does regenerating the world mana do to their fate and the planet.

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~ Book 2 (Act V – VIII) ~ Apotheosis