That’s right, I’m gonna write another book, the thing is…

It’s not Heavenly Bodies II.

Sorry about that.

Instead I’ll go full gay on you guy’s, and write a full 100k word LGBTQ romance novel, with a dash of magical realism, set in Mexico, during a four year period of collage. And I already have a title, also I’ll publish it on Kindle ONLY! No paperback because I’m angery at amazon. (not really, though, just a tad disappointed)

On the other hand, I’ll be starting a new series, but it’s the complete 180 of what I’m currently writing on here.

It’s a lovecraftian dystopian episodic series, set in a universe I like to call The Red King Universe.

I don’t know what the name of the series will be just yet! But I promise I’ll update you as soon as I know myself. It’ll be starting the first week of July, publishing on Friday’s. This series will publish once a month.

Also I should tell you I’ll be focusing more on improving my concept art skills.

I’ll be filling the rest of the days with edu content.

And that’s it, remember to be safe out there, wash you’re hands, and practice social distancing.

From me to you, some love!

Anyway’s, enough work talk –

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