Heavenly Bodies (2/4) | Inside Book Illustration.

Calling Card | Artist: VodkaSmokesChemisstry

I love how Vodka gave the illustration a feel as if it was a Trading Card Game, it inspired me too think of way I could turn this series with it’s lore and rules into a game you could play. A Heavenly Bodies TRPG.

The second illustration comes from a dear convention-goer friend, we met through mutual’s, and been friends ever since. Vodka is part of the LGBTQ, and wears her rainbow proudly.

This illustration is meant to represent the second prologue of the book, which is hidden away in the back. I’m so happy that she was able to represent my ideas in such a concrete and stylized way.

The details on the crystal are especially my favorites. while the ages of the natural law are written on the sides, the whole thing is placed in a framework of the elements. A big part of the series. Furthermore, it feels like this could even be arranged into a card game, with bottom text explaining what the card will do when you play it. But that’s only a far off dream, it would be interesting to do one though, as it would be a little bit of a challenge, as well as come up with new mechanics that haven’t been seen before to make the game interesting and fun.

Vodka has a comic series you can read on tapas.io. called Praedictus if you’re interested in supporting her art.

Heavenly Bodies (1/4) | Inside Book Illustration.

Astral Chart | Artist: Lydia Amora

Amora managed to represent HB lore in a single image, the image fortells a symbol for the creation of this world.

With only a month away from releasing Heavenly Bodies, my debut novel. I’ve decided to start releasing the illustration’s that go inside the book. You can check out the cover now!

These are meant to expand the world, and through the journey of writing this novel became a way for me to see my writing through other artist’s eyes.

The Astral Chart is the symbol of the old ones, a reminder of how their world came to be, a truth in a single image, “gazing upon it, eyes become unclouded and the mind perceives the truth,” or so, that’s what they thought.

But in reality the Astral Chart is nothing but an old tale, told from within.

The Astral Chart is the flag I wave for Heavenly Bodies.

Heavenly Bodies is out 6.12.20