Heavenly Bodies (3/4) | Inside Book Illustration.

Lucerna and Tenebrä| Artist: nynavrish

Nyan created such a nice contrast between the ruler’s of light and darkness for the series, not only did she go completely away from my vision for the two, as I envisioned them as two male figures, but she subverted my expectations even further by making Lucerna male and Tenebra female. The first personification of these two astronomical being’s.

There’s not much to say here apart from how much intricate detail went into rendering these two figures. Lucerna and Tenebrä are the two goddesses people of Gliese cannot go wrong by.

It is said that if you’re born under night, the goddess of dark is watching over you, Tenebrä, and vice versa with Lucerna.

I like her personification of these two in part of the lore, I really appreciate what she did here. Nyan is a professional mind reader in real life, aka a psychologist.