Post Convention Blues: Artist Alley Tips!

Hi everyone!

So last time I stood front of a stand and tired to sell my stuff it was kinda frutfull but not quite, from that experience I learned that if something is popular and you want to do fanart, you must do fanart of that popular stuff, otherwise, you’ll probably miss out on the earnings.

This time around, I prompted to go for the more magical/witch route, while still having some recognizable stuff that people might want to buy. Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Black Clover, Naruto, MHA, these are the stuff I truly love. Then I did some original art, some potions, each with their own little story, they came in their own pack and you could buy them all at once. Those sold really good, and I lost another opportunity there because I sold out rather quickly. The inventory I had was all but gone by the start of the second day.

Whenever someone approached my stand and looked at the Potion Pack, that’s what I was calling it, I instantly jumped on the opportunity to tell them what the whole ordeal was about. These potions were not published anywhere else, your only option to get them physical was at the convention. Which I think makes it cool.

Now they’re available online to read here on my blog, and soon on my socials as I’ll be extending them out so that each and every single one can become it’s own post. You know gotta keep those daily post. In the meanwhile I’m working on another illustration’s that might take up a little bit of my time as they came out really good and I want to give them proper render. One has to do with lovecraft, but I haven’t started on that one. On the other hand I started an Instagram for a project that might be bara/BL, possibly influenced by the Fate series. As I know it has that summon gacha mechanic at it’s center, giving me an excuse to make lot’s of buff guy’s. Anyway I’ll talk a little bit more about that project as it develops. I want to worldbuild with you guy’s. But more on that some other day.

Non the less, I also took some of my #Given postcards that had not ran out last convention. Of course Mafuyu was sold out during the first day, and Uenoyama during the second. Weird how people were confusing him with the Tobio from haikyuu.

Non the less he sold out the second day. (Actually I accidentally thought I had sold out, but i actually had one more left, oops, don’t tell, anyway, I’ll just pretend I sold out) After that the drummer and the bass, didn’t sell much but sold just a little. Since this wasn’t an LGBTQ theme event most of the people that bought from me were girls who recognized the series.

Other’s were just like, those gay guy’s that play in a band.

Oh and did I mention, I did not sell a single sticker, or more like I sold two or three. Unsuspecting people who do not demand quality from their products. That’s the thing people demand quality. Let’s get real for a moment here.

My friend who had professionally cut stickers sold them like crazy. Her sticker’s were made cut by the printer, the value of your work matters, and you must present yourself as professionally as possible, even if that means having your merch a couple of weeks done before the convention, what’s more if you want to do packs with stickers, like mystery bags and such, have your stuff professionally cut, do not leave the tasks of cutting to yourself. This time I went with me cutting my own stickers, only because I thought it was the right way to go, or the way It had to be done.

That is not the case, the way it has to be done is that you have to actually cut them professionally. People notice, and that bump in quality, will give you the selling bet with the public. Give people quality. This was my second convention, so I’ll just take it as a pass for next time. Good thing I already have the contact’s to make this happen.

My friend’s art, go follow her on IG! She’s like my mama witch.

Non the less here are some takeaways

MC’s sell.

Have More Packs

Present your self as professionally as possible.