January 2021 _Wrapup_

Hi there, because of everything that’s going on with me, I’ve decided to do a blog post summarizing or wrapping up. Everything that’s going on with me, and in my social networks.

If you follow me on twitter, then you’ve noticed I’ve been tweeting links to other website’s. One named AnimeVodka, and another one named NoVnatus. These are my anime and video game blogs.

Here I write about the things I enjoy and consume in my free time. It’s more or less like a Journal.
These are what I call my hobby sites, they don’t mean anything, but writing about the content I consume. Helps me become a better writer, or so me thinks.

I also started writing using Hemingway, and that has improved my skills ten fold. In a short amount of time. Especially because now I’ve made the conscious effort to write with focus. Hemingway has been especially great for this.

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[Preeminence] – Story and Lore

He who seeks the truth, the one of the hive, the controller, he traverses dimensions in spirit and mind. And empathic body. But when he meets evil entities they infect him with agonizing despair for they seek only to harm those they come across.

Preeminence | JAN 2021

The fact of surpassing all others; superiority.

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Starboy bends space time to his will, traversing the infinity of the cosmos in the blink of an eye. He searches all throughout to find the best EDM music to play, at his one of a kind STARVES. The inside of his jacket holds primordial secrets that should stay hidden away.

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02. Heavenly Bodies Lore Explainer Video | The Epigraph

This video we dive deep into the lore of The Epigraph. In Heavenly Bodies people need to inscribe an Epigraph so that other’s might have a genetic connection to magic. You can check out the video for more info.

Last episode seems to have been over a month ago, will I take one whole month to produce video’s like this? Read More to find out.

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01. Heavenly Bodies Lore Explainer Video | World Overview

Hi there, I wrote a book, I self published that book, and now I’m making Youtube videos that serve two purposes.

Hi there, I wrote a book, I self published that book, and now I’m making Youtube videos that serve two purposes.

  1. Keep you entertained for more the complete duration of the video.
  2. Explain the lore and story of my novel Heavenly Bodies

Wanna know more, click the link below to learn some tidbits about the making of the video.

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NEW Glitchy AE Project: MGxAE – 001

I was trying to practice animation in After Effects, and one thing I love about Animation is when it’s synced up to music.

I feel that’s when my skills most strongly resonate. Here is an example of a project I did back in 2018. That’s a long time ago. It’s the same idea, but the execution is poor.

The new project, is kinda the same idea, but taken to a new level, the first one was minimalist in nature, yes, but it didn’t have that pop that sauce, the cream that makes it work and wow the viewer.

Don’t start thinking anything nasty, ya’ll hear?

But who are those people mentioned in the text? Was this for a real thing? Don’t worry about, and no, it was just for practice. The text is a placeholder, if anyone is interested in using this idea, contact me, and we can discuss adapting this project to your title sequence.

Remember, this is just an idea, video is not monetized, I do not make any money from this.

Now, here are some frame renders.

Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you found this interesting!