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Heavenly Bodies is a fantasy where planetary star system’s take center stage. In a world where death magic can come back to haunt you, either by making you go insane, or twisting any one of your limbs beyond recognition. A secret organization called ‘The Sorcerer’s of the Wind’ embark on a journey to release the Son of the Sun from a time prison. At the same time, four chosen elementai are born into different families, they are destined to meet each other. Their quest, to become sacrifice for the gods, as they demand powerful elementai in boon for resetting the world of Gliese. 

There are evil forces at work, people who are not on par with the rules of this world, and wish to change their ways. Secrets abound the core of this planet, secret’s that might just destroy and end the world. If only The Atavistic where still alive, they would know what to do.


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Rae (616 v.)