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I’m not doing enough with this blog.


Here’s the thing. Hosting cost’s money, and I just feel I’m throwing it down the drain. I should be doing weekly post’s But here we are. So what’s going to happen?

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Something happened, and I need to tell someone about it

This image is relevant I swear!

Of course I’ve already told all my friends.

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Astral Chart

Hello everyone, back at it again with another wrap-up, this on is a little super late. But better late than never if you ask me.

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Fourth episode is out now! Hope you enjoy it.

Remember this is a BI monthly series.

S1 will continue throughout 2021 and into 2022 ending in April.

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January 2021 _Wrapup_

Hi there, because of everything that’s going on with me, I’ve decided to do a blog post summarizing or wrapping up. Everything that’s going on with me, and in my social networks.

If you follow me on twitter, then you’ve noticed I’ve been tweeting links to other website’s. One named AnimeVodka, and another one named NoVnatus. These are my anime and video game blogs.

Here I write about the things I enjoy and consume in my free time. It’s more or less like a Journal.
These are what I call my hobby sites, they don’t mean anything, but writing about the content I consume. Helps me become a better writer, or so me thinks.

I also started writing using Hemingway, and that has improved my skills ten fold. In a short amount of time. Especially because now I’ve made the conscious effort to write with focus. Hemingway has been especially great for this.

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[Preeminence] – Story and Lore

Preeminence | JAN 2021

The fact of surpassing all others; superiority.

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