Best of Summer 2021

From left to right top to bottom. Kobayashi S2, Fena Pirate Princess, Sonny Boy, Love Live Superstar, Aquatope, Bokutachi no Remake, Pharmacy in Another World, How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom, Heion no Sedai Idaten-tachi, Kanojo mo Kanojo

After an almost perfect Spring Season, can Summer compare?

Summer does in fact bring some interesting shows that are sure to attract even the most veteran anime fans. Bear in mind that this list is just meant to be pure recommendations. This is not meant as an end-all be-all list. Maybe you find some new and interesting anime to watch, maybe you’ve already seen all the ones on this list, either way, there’s something for everyone. So check it out!

Here we highlight some series that were standout during Summer 2021, they surprised me in one way or another, or simply go above and beyond what is usually expected, not everything here on the list can be considered exceptional in the terms of animation, but at least the list provided here contains some exceptional stories, that are sure to keep you interested in most of your bing watches. Yes, I’m talking about How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom but that series has a twist on not only isekai but also on political dramas as a whole. Taking a whole new direction that we don’t usually see.

The anime here provides some form of content that goes beyond the norm in one way or another. Nevertheless, let’s get on with the list.

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