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CODENAME: I/R – 20% Checkpoint!

Ta-Da! Here’s an early pre viz of a new image of the MC and Dragos Shu Neven in CODENAME: I/R.

I’m currently writing a book, and I’m at the twenty percent checkmark, or around 20 thousand words.

Here’s a small checkup with my self.

Letting you know how it’s going and a small inside look into the process! You can check out if there has been any change to the progress of my writing on my Upcoming Projects page.

Because it’s neat!

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Ya’ll remember him?

It feels so good to be writing again. You could say I write every week, but that writing is for the internet, and thus very different. Internet writing is an end meet. While novel writing is a lot more personal.

Here’s the thing – I don’t start writing a story unless I’m 100% convinced it’s gonna be a story I’m gonna enjoy. With Codename AHOUS. I wasn’t feeling that. I don’t have the capacity to plunge through a story (although I’ve done it before) that I’m not feeling, that I’m not convinced is the right story, that it doesn’t spark something within me and lit’s a fire under me.

You know?

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