Films I’ve Watched in 2020

2018 | 2019

  • In The Tall Grass
  • The Dark Crystal (1982)
  • Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution
  • Charlie’s Angels (2019)
  • Countdown
  • The Assent
  • Underwater
  • Color Out of Space
  • Bad Boys – For Life-
  • Like a Boss
  • Jojo Rabbit
  • The Babadook
  • Dragon Quest: Your Story
  • Birds of Prey
  • To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before
  • Aliens (1986)
  • Spies In Disguise
  • Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Fantasy Island
  • Ant Man and the Wasp
  • The Willoughbys
  • Extraction
  • Ready Player One
  • The Half of It
  • Scoob!
  • High Life
  • Climax
  • Final Fantasy The Spirits Within
  • Kingslave Final Fantasy XV
  • Lupin III CGi 2020 Film
  • SnowPiercer
  • Into the Spider Verse Alt Edition
  • Eric Andre Legalize Everything.
  • Hamilton Original Broadway Cast on D+
  • Ready Player One
  • Relic
  • The Old Guard
  • Masters of Love
  • Buffaloed
  • A Nice Girl Like You
  • Latte and The Waterstone Magic
  • Becky
  • The Silencing
  • Kat and the Band
  • Ghost Watch
  • The Rental
  • Host
  • Yes, God, Yes
  • Black is King
  • Jupiter Ascending
  • Knives Out
  • Jumanji The Next Level
  • The High Note
  • Interstellar
  • Tesla
  • Project Power
  • Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts
  • Love, Simon
  • I’m thinking of Ending Things
  • Enola Holmes
  • The Devil All The Time

My book is getting a cover?!

Yes, that’s right, you heard it here first folks!

My book is getting a cover, from a really, really cool artist. Who has also worked with Wizards of The Coast and even Blizzard Entertainment. My book is in no way associated with those guys in any way shape or form. But in my mind it does create an invisible link to them, a link by proxy. Since they know and love the work of this artist, maybe when they see my book, they’ll instantly have a connection to it, to the cover at least, not only that, the work that he’s putting into the cover will shine through and elevate my story to new heights.

When is it coming out you ask? I’m not ready to say just yet, but a date has been set.

Look, I don’t have a sob story where I tried to query a million publishing houses and a million agent’s for a million years, and I got rejected by all of them, that is not the case, I queried around 15 publishing (indy and big five) houses and around 20 agent’s, which I thought would be a good fit for my book. The agent’s didn’t respond and I did get rejection letter’s but they were less than 10. I have been trying for the past year, with no luck.

There are many things I could blame, the voice isn’t strong enough, the market isn’t right, many many things. But I do know why not a single agent responded, and that’s because of my name.

Francisco Jose Cirilo Muguerza.

That’s a mouthful right, let’s just stick to FJ. They see a latino name, and loose interest. That is what I think.

That might not be the case, but it’s pretty obvious it kinda is, since most of the agent’s I was querying where white. But I did not find a single agent who wasn’t, so that’s weird. But I digress.

See, I’m 27. I graduated when I was 25 because I got held back a year. I studied animation and visual effects and have been on and off jobs for a while now. I’m about to be 30 and have nothing to show for myself. That is about to change.

So why am I self publishing? Don’t you want to wait and see if someone will publish your book for you? Aren’t you afraid of publishing fiction and having people not pay attention to you? Aren’t you afraid of the stigma that comes with self publishing? – Yes all of those things have and are going through my mind. I’m afraid of what people might say, I’m afraid that they’ll find a word that’s written incorrectly, I’m afraid they won’t like my prose or my voice. Yes I’m afraid of all of that.

But hey guess what, I just don’t have the time, I just don’t have the time to wait for someone else to fall in love with my world the same way I have. I’m currently in the process of re-writing it once more to making sure it’s in tip top shape for it’s release, and I just love this world, I love the character’s and I love that I have plans for the story. I love how it start’s at the end of the prequel, and I love that there’s so much story to tell, I really do. I love the lore, and I love how I see it in my head, I love the magic system, I love the relationships between the character’s, I love the diversity, I love that there’s POC’s, latino’s, gay, transgender, character’s with disabilities, hearing Impaired character’s, and blind character’s. Because hey guess what I have met all of those people in my life, I’ve been close to all of those type of people at one point or another in my life, so they come back into my fiction.

And I think that’s beautiful, and should be shared with the world, no matter what anyone else say’s, the world isn’t ready for such a diverse cast, if you think that way, I’m not writing for you.

It’s 2019, we’re about to enter 2020, literally that number sounds like the future, why are you afraid of different voices? Representation matters, and frankly I get a little bit bored if I don’t see colors in the fiction I consume. A meal with only white bread is a stale meal in my opinion.

See I’m just not gonna wait for someone else to jumpstart my career, instead I have decided to do it myself, because I have the means, and I have the ways, and I’m ready to go, I’m ready to start, because this is my dream, even if I lost it somewhere along the lines, I found it again, and I want it really, really badly.

This might be me self-debut novel, but it certainly wont be the last one. I have plans for this novel series, and I want it to grow into something big, something we can all enjoy, I want you to be able to play and escape in this universe just the same way I did once.

I’m ready, I’m gonna do this, and it’s gonna happen. Stay tuned to my blog, and my socials, other social since I will be teasing the book in the upcoming month’s all the way to it’s release.

Thank you for reading, I hope you’re as excited, as much as me.

Chu, chu! All aboard the hype train we go.

My first con experience! A 2 Day event

Goes to a con once, becomes an expert.

This is a compilation of some tips I would give myself for a first con experience.

Hi, my name is FJ, I go by minimanube, why two names? Because my art and my writing are two separate things I want to keep away from one another.

I attended the oops summer fest, it’s a local event for artist’s and only artist’s in Monterrey Mexico, it’s LGBTQ+ theme, organized by indies for indies, it’s a very cool event, not only did I get to network with some cool people I got to sell my art as well.

Anyway, here are some useful tips I discovered during my first con going experience.

Stickers are a must!

My idea was to just sell my prints, I choose Given because well it’s the gay anime of the season, and it’s a gay con so they must go hand in hand, well not really, the big seller was Kimetsu no Yaiba, and with good reason, the animation for the show is superb, it’s shonen and everyone is watching it because it’s sure to beat my hero academia, did i say that? I think they can both co-exist in the same space, my two friends who did bring Kimetsu no Yaiba material sold big time! What people wanted most from the con was getting stickers, and stationary, basically things that they can buy and wont feel like they spent their money just because, we had a cosplayer in front of us and he was selling printed photos, he bought my given prints and gave me a lot of praise, my friend’s who are experienced con goer’s told me it’s artist etiquette to buy from them when they buy form you. I agree with this, but this guy was a cosplayer, so I bought around the same amount of money he bought from me, what I’m getting at is, people want to buy stuff from you that they can later use, people would look in awe at my prints and then not know what to do with them. I get that, where do you put them, do you frame them and hang them on your wall? I usually buy prints form artist who I think are cool, and later hang them in a special part of my office that I have dedicated for art prints and stuff, most people don’t have that.

Have combos

I thank the lord that my friend and I made a Given combo, she had sticker’s from the series and people would want them, then we would tell them about the combo with my prints and they would usually want them, this way people got a really good deal, with some prints and some stickers as well. If you can do this by yourself then it’s a lot better because all the money goes to you, especially in a sealed package that people can later show off to their friends, because word of mouth in a con is a real thing, one person buy’s the package then show’s it off, and more people know about it and consequently want to buy it, and the meanwhile you reap the benefit’s.

Popular series sell (2019 edition)

Kimetsu no Yaiba, My Hero Academia, Haikyuu, Black Clover, PsychoPass (although it’s a little bit more underground), SOA, Radiant, Shokugeki no Soma are all popular series that I’ll be doing fanart and sticker’s off in the coming month’s to prepare for the November con I’ll be attending! My point is that if you bring stationary from those series people are gonna want to buy them, even more so if it’s some type of keychain, don’t bother bringing a series that you really, really love like Cop Craft or something more underground; because it’s not gonna sell and you’re only waisting your time. You can love that underground series, you can really love that underground series, but if it’s not in the top ten anime series, don’t bother, concentrate only on the top ten.

Original Artwork

If it’s your first time, bring only one piece, and then add more pieces as you go along, as you get more “fans” of your artwork, people are gonna be more interested in your pieces.

And those are some things I would tell myself if I knew myself before I attended my first con.

I took September to work on my style, but somehow september is kinda over now, mostly rested I think, I start working on new material in October as I’ll be going to another con in November, this one is a whole weekend, so of course I’ll come back with a post after it. 🙂

On July 10th, I’ll be buying a domain.

JULY 10th

On July 10th, of this year, I’ll be buying a domain. But what do you mean FJ?

Well, I’ve been developing a project for quite some time. I’ve teased it in the past. It’s a book. And I’ll start to query my submission to people. That will be happening on July 10th.

Maybe I fail miserably and never get this book sold.


Soooooo….. I’ll buy a domain, to celebrate, so this blog will most likely go from to .blog.

That’s right.

Final Fantasy XIV, and my story within it.



I don’t usually write about video games here on this blog, I have another one for that, but Final Fantasy XIV is a weird one, I’m really enjoying it because not only am I playing with a friend, ApoloGrim, who is playing another character called Afkhar, we role play and it’s a fun time. The above image is my character, while the blue one below is her character. All art by ApoloGrim.

Yes he has pink hair.

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I might not get into the Author Mentor Match Program

And that’s okay.

A month ago I applied to the Author Mentor Match Program, it’s a program that joints you with a real life author, and it’s great. Yet sadly as I wrote the book this year, and now I’m in the process of corrections and revising and all of that. The draft I sent will not be representative of the final work, someone will have to read it, and think it’s just okay.

And well I got a little sad because of it, but I’m moving on, I have to. The first draft already has been read by one of my closest’s friends, (The first beta reader, *screams in spanish*) and she really like it, she connected to the mc’s, and the world was to her liking. So I got mostly good positive feedback, some feedback that slapped me in the face was also included but you know, it’s part of the process. Non the less, some plot wholes were in there, and thankfully now I just have to fix them. Also I’m giving character’s who were mostly passive, have a more active role in the story.

So I think I might not get in, twitter informed me that some author’s have already sent out for a complete draft, while other’s are still reading. Yeah…

I haven’t gotten any emails or anything just yet, so I’m starting to loose hope.

It’s fine, the book still needs to have some revision’s done, so I get it if they want to give that spot to someone else.

I have a little bit of time before I start aggressively sending query letters to agent’s so it’s fine, it’s fine. Nothing has changed my plan still goes on.

I was thinking how mediocre I am because I went out with some friends and we started talking about jobs and what not, and how I’m already out of collage, and how some people in my community are starting to get prizes, recognitions for their achievements. Something that I have yet to do.

A close friend, who I consider family gave her first symposium, I only found out because she put it up on Facebook and IG. Meanwhile another friend got a prize from the ITSEM organization. Which is a university, for her achievement’s in social justice.

Meanwhile I’m stuck in a rut, with no where to go, and no crushed dreams. Things like this really put me down. Because I feel like a failure to my parent’s, people tell me to relax, that I will be fine, that I shouldn’t worry so much, but it’s hard, I have no brother’s or sisters, so when I’m left alone, when my parent’s are gone, who will take care of me, the world doesn’t care about your loneliness.

Oh god, this post turned into a real bummer, I’m sorry. I was trying to be positive, but now I’m not so sure I can.

Creative Slump – One Month to Query – Panic

It’s been a couple of day’s since March 1st, the release date for the final episode of the first season of 2099 – The podcast, but who cares? Right, like no one. It’s not like people are lining up to listen to this podcast, it’s not like I have thousands of fans ready, eager for that drop.

So in a sense it’s okay for me to slack off. I was in a really good place at the beginning of the year, but now I’m struggling. I’ve talked about my projects in the past, so I’ll talk vaguely about them again. Book has reached around 86k. Which is super nice. But now I’m drained. Creatively.

But now comes the worst part, or the part that I hate most about writing, and that’s revising. But you gotta revise, because you’re your own worst critic. The thing is I gave a copy to some people, one to my best friend (she hasn’t even started it), and another one to a person I know will hold it dear and close to her heart. So far reaction to the story has been great, and some plot points have been found that need work. And that’s great. But now I fear she’s stopped reading. Even though she sounded really excited to read it. She’s stopped. But that’s fine, I can’t force her to read. I’m thinking that I did give her the worst possible version of book. Spelling mistakes, sentences that have no prose. I’ve been slowly going through it, and fixing it. But at times it’s hard. I’m happy with what turned out, and how the story goes. So that’s good. I’ve set my deadline that I’ll start querying in April. So yeah, wish me luck. I’ll have to line up agent’s that I want to query to. Then wait for their respond. I’m also currently dealign with the emotional roller coaster that is not having a job. I’m thinking I’ll apply to a local gamestop kind of store see if they’ll take me. Also Starbucks is always an option, I would have to learn how to make Starbucks put that’s whatever.

Not all hope is lost though, a friend of mine is opening a vegan coffee shop, and I’m sure she’ll give me a job even if it’s just for tips. I wouldn’t mind that actually.

Oh, I forgot, but I’ve submitted book to a contest called Author Mentor Match Program, I have no idea who I want to be paired with (I selected the author’s randomly :p). But you know it would be a real big step for me if I could get an actually published author behind my project.

Big sigh. The draft I sent was not pretty. So I don’t have a lot of hope.

I’ve resigned myself that I’ll never be enough of a good artists, so that actual companies hire me. So all I can do is try and start projects that could later be made into something else, and if not at least they live in book form.

I started taking a drawing class with a close friend of mine, but the class was so incredibly awkward, come saturday I dread going. Only a child, her mother, the teacher (my friend) and me attend the class, and it’s all in his house.

I thought that maybe the classes could lead to me getting to know him as a friend, but I don’t really see that happening.

Okay, the way he phrases things, and the way he asked me if he would see me at that person’s party, he didn’t even show to that person’s party, whatever right.

But straight boys (TM) piss me the fuck off, with their double meanings.

Here’s the thing, straight men and gay boy’s can only be friends, if they’re no feelings involved, and saying things like that makes me think that somewhat he wants to see me?

But why, you know.

And then I start overthinking, and thinking that maybe he’s into me, and that something could happen if only I push a little bit harder.

BUT FUCK THAT. I ain’t about to get my feelings hurt. So straight boys can fuck the fuck off. You don’t phase me bitch!

Stay in you’re lane.

Straight boys, don’t do this to gay boys, give them hope that you’re interested, and back off once you realize that a gay guy can actually suck you’re dick, and you’re afraid you’ll like it because you’ve thought about it.

Do you masturbate with pictures and videos of other men? No…


I DON’T FUCK WITH BISEXUAL BOYS!  (Unless they already know their bi, I aint about that life of getting the bisexuality out of you)

Back to the drawing class, the fact is the class is in a couple of hours, and I’m thinking just go under the covers and ignore, then when I wake up get out of the house, go to a starbucks, buy me a drink, and sit there and draw or something, then go back home and tell my folks that I did something. In fact going out alone is not all that bad. I’ve experienced it last saturday, and it was actually really nice. I can even take my laptop and work on my shit you know. 

That’s the tea sis, I put that screenshot there because this is not the first time a straight guy has sweet talked to me, it probably means nothing and I’m overreacting because I’m so lonely.

I’m just so lonely.

My cat keeps me company though, as I type on keyboard every single day, he sleeps next to me.

My schedule is shit, I wake up at 5 in the afternoon, go through the night, and then come out in the morning just to feel really sleepy as morning comes and wanting to hit the hay. So yeah, my schedule is shit. Don’t be like me. Have a normal schedule.

Non the less. I’m trying to watch all of the anime that is available but it’s just not possible. Impossible.

Up to date – Mob, Neverland, and DMHS. I’ve fallen behind on all the other shows.

On Netflix – Working Moms. This show really speaks to me, so far topics like sexual lust, cheating, sexism in the workplace, and other topics have been covered. I’m liking this, but it’s what I call a white comedy. It only needs the laugh track. It’s okay I guess.

What I’m playing – I bought Dragon’s Dogma, and I’m really looking forward to sink my gnarly teeth into that. I want to finish RE 2 before hand, but that game is hard. And Mr. X scares the living crap out of me.

So yeah, life sucks, jobless, and it’s hard for me to find motivation for creative endeavors. What else is new?

I’ve opened a new blog, check it out, I’ll post interesting stuff on there. Like news, and things that I find around the net. It’s like a link blog, covering video games and tech news. I think I might write a tutorial on there soon.

Around my circle.