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Illustrations | Rae (older ver) | Forest | Catalina | Ramiel

Gliese has four islands around it’s terrain, the only island that has different biomes is Quattor, separated by what seems to be man made walls.

In the Northen Hemisphere of the planet – Quattor and Yiosoros, visited by their vistas and their year long tropical like island weather. Perfect for vacations! Quattor still has a desert biome and an ice biome, because the island is so big and the planet so small it’s common to go from a nice 24 °C to a freezing -12 °C. A harsh reality of Quattor. 

Yiosoros is the most hawaiian island of the two, as moisture fills the air, mountains provide warm shadow’s and people tend to go there for a nice tropical escape. AirCaravan or BoatCaravan are available for public travel to this island. People who live in Yiosoros either call it home or think it’s paradise hell on earth.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Lumgrave holds it’s empty vessel for all of those that dare enter it, filled with a sea of trees that go deeper and deeper, until light enter’s no more and animals have to rely on bioluminescence for light, some animals tower taller than the Horned Humans.

Lumgrave goes through the usual season’s. Those that live in Lumgrave accommodate themselves in the first floor of the forest. Where low level monster’s escape. But mostly keep to themselves inside the second floor of the forest.

I know this island might peak your interest, but I’m saving explanation’s, as I already planned to visit this island in book 2. 😉

Omamel is the calmest of the four island’s, people here live of the land and livestock, usually tending to themselves, an island where everyone know’s everyone. Grassy planes, and windmills flock the land, Omamel holds dear to it’s easy life of living, those that want to connect with nature and live a peaceful, slow, daily life tend to flock to Omamel.

Omamel people prefer not to use crystal technology like the rest of the islands. They do have a massive towering crystal in the middle of the island, one day it just kinda sprouted from the underground. It’s left unattended in the outlands.

Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing, a tiny island to the north west of Quattor, now overrun by monster’s and a home base for the Sorceress of the Wind. Plans were already in motion for a certain king to start his own legacy in what is now known as The Badlands, once part of the Yiosoros territory. Now belonging to a certain individual you’ll meet at the very beginning of Heavenly Bodies. 🙂

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Heavenly Bodies – The Island of Quattor

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Character Illustrations

Rae | Catalina | Forest | Ramiel

Gliese has four islands, one of which is currently inhabited by powerful monster’s, dealing prominently in the prologue of the book

Today we will be taking about the first

The Island of Quattor

A lustrous island, this is one of the island’s that has a volcano, it’s currently iced up and not working, a force field surrounds the center of the island, what could it be hiding? There’s a mysterious fog that lead’s to Havenlyn, but those that enter have not come out.

“Maybe if you venture forth through the dark mist that cover’s the sea, you could find them, although no one dares enter the mist, fisherman tell tale tales of military ships broken in half, they say the Kraken itself dwells within the mist, but that’s just fisherman shanty. Although now that I think about it, no one that has entered the mist, has come back to tell what’s on the other side. How strange…”

A wall separates the biomes, but tunnels pass through them. A desert, the green plains, and an icy mountain that get’s colder as you climb up.

And frankly there’s not much to it, a very quick post this week that’s for sure, but more info will be revealed next week, as we dive into the public services for transportation that Gliesendan’s use to get around their city’s and through the outlands.

Please look forward to a release date reveal very soon, along with a cover reveal.


Races in Heavenly Bodies

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Heavenly Bodies – Character IntroductionHeavenly BODIES – What’s an Epigraph? [LORE]|Heavenly Bodies – What’s an Epigraph [LORE] PART 2|HEAVENLY BODIES – WHAT’S AN EPIGRAPH [LORE] PART 3


NEW Illustration! – HB OC!

All right let’s go.

Races are divided into two categories.

New Wave Race

The Lillith’s, The Whispering Foxes, The Bdrakes, The Avem’s, The Lupinotums, and the Horned Humans

Sacred Wave Race

Hominine (Humans but everyone is human so we get this name). The Orcs, The Dwarves, and The High Elves

The Lillith’s

Little balls of fluff, they float around, they do not have leg’s, but have wings on their backs, they pass their time reading and learning, considered the smartest race in Gliese, the only race that is unable to use shield or elementai magic, but their centuries of learning make them especially good at reading old runes, makers of the two sub run language’s now used all across Gliese. Once they get bored they take menial tasks like being a chauffeur’ or bartender’s. They have their own language which they hold secret and don’t share with anyone.

The Whispering Foxes

Considered a race only because of what they do, at night their skin glows in a multicolored pattern and bring lost souls into the miasma, they work directly with Gaia, otherwise they are normal foxes.

The Bdrakes

Long lost cousins of dragon’s, their skin is though and prickly, and must be maintained daily. Otherwise their scales become dirty and are seen as a lower class within the Drakes society.

The Avem’s

They do not follow the rule of Homine’s, instead they have their own political system, but still maintain peace within Gliese, human like, but with wings on their arms. Can fly.

The Lupinotums

Hexe’d humans, at night they turn into wolf’s, and once a month on a full moon, their instinct’s take over and they rage. Those of blue coat can be turned back, but breaking the curse is extremely painful, red coated wolf’s can not be turned back into Homine. And do not transform back during the day. Very few documented cases of red’s hexes’ being broken have been recorded, and those that turn back, have not lived to tell the tale.

Horned Humans

A very old race, only four of them remain, and they rather continue living in deep slumber, towering at about 30 feet in height, they are considered the architects of Gliese, they rarely venture out of the place were they live. Whisper’s on the wind and old legend’s say that they were once closely associated with the statues that produce and make souls on Gliese. Although how that correlates was lost after the First Dismal Catacylsm. Usually work closely with the Lillith’s

“This is what started the The First Dismal Cataclysm an all out war between the ancient’s, they annihilated themselves, now only the giant’s of souls and a race commonly known as the Horned Humans, towering like giant’s that serve as the architects of Gliese, and their writing system is what remains of the ancient’s.”

Hominine of Quattor

Normal humans, nothing special about them.

Orcs of Daraga

Daraga is the homeland city of the orcs, located in the island of Yiosoros, Orcs live a life in the underground, they made their home in the caves of Daraga because the crystal provides energy and light, they live of the vegetation and animal life that flourishes in the Daraga system of cave’s. Their main city surrounds a giant abyss like gap, they send explorer’s every day, the abyss has it’s own set of rules, different from the world above.

Dwarves of Febrica Ferrum

Dwarves spend most of their day’s producing, smiting and making crystals that are consumable by the general public, Febrica Ferrum provides 100% clean renewable energy to the cities of Gliese. Located in the Island of Quattor.

The High Elves of Havenlyn

Havenlyn is also located in the island of Quattor, somewhere close to Dragonmedow, but not quite, it’s not located on any of the maps, I wonder where their city is? Maybe if you venture forth through the dark mist that cover’s the sea, you could find them, although no one dares enter the mist, fisherman tell tale tales of military ships broken in half, they say the Kraken itself dwells within the mist, but that’s just fisherman shanty. Although now that I think about it, no one that has entered the mist, has come back to tell what’s on the other side. How strange…


And that’s it, I hope you continue to look forward to Heavenly Bodies and it’s debut release this year!







Hi it’s me FJ, you know the drill by know, this won’t take a lot of your time.

In the world of Heavenly Bodies, there are tree different types of magic’s.

Defense, Elementai and Proficiency magic.

Today we dive into the different proficiency’s

Usually when student’s reach their first quarter of a century, around 500 years of age, if they can afford it, their parent’s ask them to choose a proficiency of study, studies take around a hundred years to complete, and those that are good enough opt to continue to practice their field of study in the real world.

Proficiency’s have to be paid for, and usually an interview takes place before a school decides to accept a student. A committee reviews portfolios and decides based on background, diversity, and aptitude.

Elementai studies can also be part of a proficiency, thus there are those that wish to delve deep into the mysteries of light and dark crystals. But this are highly coveted spots, family, religion and accolades play a big part in a student’s acceptance. There are four ivy league schools in Gliese that teach elementai proficiency’s, they fall under the supervision of the pastoral of magic.

Version 1.0.5

Heavenly Bodies releases somewhere in the middle of 2020, version 1.0.5 includes 8 proficiency’s, but more will be added in the future. Currently HB is at version 1.0.3, after re-writes it will move up to 1.0.4 and after several read through’s and corrections HB moves to it’s final version and is ready for release.

Now we dive into the proficiency’s.

Black Profficiency

Black magic deals with the death and resurrection, necromancy and such. Commonly seen as the left hand path of magic, death and rebirth are it’s main point’s of focus. Black magic is taken seriously by witch doctors and morticians. Black magic is commonly used to solve crimes as negative energy flows through it, and it can show past images of those that had serious ill intent.

Potion Proficiency

Anything that has to do with health, for stamina and health or making bombs. Slimes are the basis for creating any type of potion. Not a single potion master is able to make a complete health potion as a potion cannot used to cure instead stamina potions are a plenty – that is to say cure does not exists in Heavenly Bodies

White Proficiency

Commonly associated with holy acts, including put not limited to the human soul.

Singing Proficiency

Just like it’s name say’s, by verbalizing notes one cast spells. A niche among the proficiency’s.

Mind Proficiency

Those that wish to control other’s and be able to read minds through subtle cues in body language, this proficiency requires a certain type of fines.

Animal Proficiency

Tame and speak to animals, your elementai dictates what type of animal you’re able to speak to.

Green Proficiency

This proficiency hones your green thumb. You’ll become an expert at growing plants, green proficiency favors the introverted, and some are even able to speak to the earth spirit directly. Green proficiency does not apply to earth elementai. 

Divination Proficiency

To be able to tell the future just by looking at tea leaves, to use the tarot and predict future event’s, this is the study of divination.

And well that’s it for today, I just quickly went over each and every single one today, but you’ll be able to read more and understand proficiency’s as you go through the story in Heavenly Bodies.

Thank you for reading, see you next weekend. 🙂

Heavenly Bodies – What’s an Epigraph [LORE] PART 2

Hi there, it’s me FJ, once again asking a little bit of your time.

Like promised this week we dive deep into the second type of magic found in Gliese through the epigraph.

Elementai Magic

Elementai magic is the second oldest form of magic in Gliese.

But, before that we must first understand the belief’s and custom’s of the Ancient’s.

The Ancient Ones

The Ancient Races of Gliese were held together by belief’s of old one’s and god’s of unpronounced name’s, waking dreams, lunacy and dementia.

  • “What good are the eyes if the mind cannot see”

Now only known as the sleeping primordial, believed to hold slumber in the center of the observable universe. The Ancient’s adored and held in high regard the primordial one.

They used a runic writing system, that held great power, for spoken and written words were the only thing they needed for magic. Soon though they discovered, through the power of the crystal, elementai magic.

They were now able to control the four element’s, wind, water, earth and fire. But that was not enough for them, they took it even further, through the control of light and dark crystal they were able to find that they could control much more than four element’s, metals and gases like Hydrogen, Lithium, Thunder, Mind and even time itself, ancient’s were able to control what we know as the periodic element’s. Because of their ego and power, they deemed themselves god’s and opposed anyone who said otherwise.

Their ego demanded control, but their id made them fight against themselves.

This is what started the The First Dismal Cataclysm an all out war between the ancient’s, they annihilated themselves, now only the giant’s of souls and a race commonly known as the Horned Humans, towering like giant’s that serve as the architects of Gliese, and their writing system is what remains of the ancient’s.

Written and spoken language

Their runic system, colloquially known as common language, they’re runes that are hard to read, and can signify something when pointed north, and something else when pointed south. That’s why scholars of Gliese developed two scripts that are written above the runes to allow for easy reading. These writing system is commonly used by children and teenagers, the scripts affect how they speak, so children usually speak of themselves in 3rd person, by the time they reach teenage years, they outgrow this, and learn a new script that more closely resembles common language, these two glyph system do not hold the magical property of the cardinal system that runes have.

“A spell is free’d to Gaia”

Elementai magic is commonly used throughout Gliese, defense and elementai magic are property of the people, proficiency’s has to be paid for. The pastoral of magic sealed away text’s of elementai magic being able to control more than the four elements, now only whisper’s and rumors remain of what once was, a legend carried by the wind’s breath states that there exist’s a fifth element, but such thing is only folklore.

An elementai user can have more than one element under very special circumstances.

How does it work?

Fire elementai’s ignite particles from the air and create fire, bending it to their will, attackers of the party.

Water elementai are only able to bend water if it’s physically in the room, healers of the party.

Earth elementai’s have strict rules when and how to use their element, but can use the roots of a tree to attack if they wish to do so, tanks of a party.

Wind elementai’s can conjure powerful winds, while also creating wind blades to protect themselves, rouges of the party.

Elementai magic has a weakness and it’s the other elements, usually seen as a circle that eats itself.


And well that’s all I have for this week, next weekend we’ll dive deep into cost’s and the different proficiency’s that have been laid out as of Heavenly Bodies v1.0.3.

Heavenly Bodies will release at version 1.0.5, please continue to look forward to it’s 2020 release, more info soon!



Heavenly BODIES – What’s an Epigraph? [LORE]

Hello everyone, it’s me FJ, once again asking a little bit of your time.

Today we’re diving into one of the fantasy concept’s inside of Heavenly Bodies.

The Epigraph.

In simple term’s the epigraph is your connection to magic. Most epigraph’s are inscribed from birth, when the skin is most fragile and moldable, it’s when it hurt’s the least. Inscribing an epigraph as an adult might cause some discomfort.

Gliese, the planet where our story takes place, host’s 3 different type’s of magic’s. Defense, Elementai and Proficiency Magic. Today we dive into Defense Magic.

Defense Magic, in simple term’s, is just that, defending yourself against an enemy, you are however not able to attack or parry with defense magic. Most school’s teach courses to awaken defense magic, but most people are easily able to carry it out just by reaching for an image of safety.

Defense magic is not infinite, as it shrinks with every hit from an enemy, and eventually breaks. This is related to stamina and the conditions a character was born into.

The epigraph, usually inscribed by a witch doctor, has ancient knowledge that is passed on to the cells in your body, and they are able to recall this most basic of magic’s, even if you don’t. So say you’re in a situation of dire distress, defense magic might activate on it’s own.

Defense magic is different for everyone, some might experience it as a bubble force field around them, or some type of mana skin that wraps around their body, other’s project magic armor unto themselves, while other’s might just conjure up a shield.

Some known special cases:

There are reported cases of people projecting defense magic as a loved one that might have protected them, a stoic brother, a prowess father or mother, even a beloved pet, this can sometimes be exaggerated by the magic, converting the image into something like a towering lion or wolf that wield’s a sword, it really all depends on what a person experiences during his or her life. Experiences that leave a mental or physical scar can shape or form a person’s defense magic. A reverse situation also applies. (i.e cases of family abuse) Meaning defense magic is made less powerful by trauma, and those that find themselves in this type of situations might not be able to project their defense to it’s full potential. This is cured or solved by therapy, there are certain criteria a person must meet before advancing to elementai magic, when this are not met an investigation is conducted into that person’s life. Teacher’s, along with the help of a detective, analyze and piece together why that person is not able to reach the full criteria of defense magic. Finding’s are later reported to the pastoral of magic.

Some might have problems projecting their defense, but uttering the spell tlakixtia can solve that problem. There are introverted royal’s who have problems projecting their defense, but you didn’t hear that from me. 👀

Defense magic favor’s the brave, bold and extroverted.

For now that’s all I have to tell you, come back next weekend, as we’ll continue with the epigraph and dive into elementai magic and it’s properties.

Thank you for reading, please continue to look forward to Heavenly Bodies and it’s 2020 release. 😀

Heavenly Bodies – Character Introduction

Hi guys, my name is FJ and I have a book coming out this year, titled Heavenly Bodies!


I wanted to take a little bit of your time to tell you a bit more about it, today we are diving into the main character’s.

There are four MC’s in this series, and two supporting MC’s who are equally important.

We follow Rae Formeen, Catalina Mylo Mylene, Forest Cros Stone, and Ramiel An Ama

Rae is the spunky guy, he’s always looking for way’s to have fun and be mischievous, which can get him in a lot of trouble. He thinks about himself a lot, but when his friends are in danger, he’s the first one to jump into battle. He holds those that are dear to him like family. He’s a keen fire elementai, even though he was born and raised as a beggar. Rae is my personal favorite, but don’t tell anyone.

Catalina is little bit more on the quiet side, she can be naive at times, and not be able to express her feelings correctly, or in a way that might satisfy other’s. But she buries her nose in books, more than she should. She has 4 sister’s and lives in the castle of Lordell, the city of water, it’s to the South of the island of Quattor, the city is located in the beaches of the Purple Mediterranean Sea, she’s a princess to King Mylo. Catalina is a keen water elementai since birth.

Forest, a semi brown skin boy, he lives NorthWest of Quattor, in the outskirts of Dragonmedow, a neutral city, he doesn’t quite reach the outlands though. Forest is by birth deaf, but he’s still able to use magic through sign language, and there are many magic technologies that only appear when needed, and make his life just a little bit easier.

For example: At the dinner table. How do they deal with his parent’s using fork’s and knives and talking at the same time? They can’t use sign’s to talk to Forest while they eat, right? These is quickly addressed through magic. (I don’t wanna spoil it)

He’s is studios to a fault and has always been homeschooled, quickly surpassing his teacher’s, now his brother who lives a city over, in Insomnolence, also a neutral city, is his main tutor. Forest is a keen earth elementai, since birth.

Ramiel is a feisty one, she has dark skin and 4C natural, luscious, beautiful, hair, she deals with shrinkage every day! She was born to a family of nomads who were later adopted into a monastery, now Ramiel lives her life tending to the needs of the monks, and submitting to her father’s ruling, even though she show’s clear mastery of her wind elementai. Ramiel hates to loose a fight, and know’s how to defense herself if need be. She’s relentless to a fault. Her emotional intelligence skyrocket’s through the roof, she’s constantly thinking about what she’s going to say next, and how will it affect those around her, because of this from the very beginning, she hates Rae with deep disgust.

There are two more MC’s

The son of the sun.


The son of the moon.

Each of them have their own backstories and emotional baggage that you’ll encounter as you read this entry into the series, and future entires as well.

The son of the sun want’s to change things, go against the grain, and change the way things are done in the Island’s of Gliese.

Meanwhile the son of the moon knows that there’s no changing the way’s of men, especially the way’s of king’s and gods, he play’s a more passive role in the story, but eventually his story does intertwine with one of the elementai’s, who I’m keeping a secret. But most importantly his story is heavily correlated to the son of the sun.

And that’s all I can say because if I say anything else I will be spoiling key plot points for this and future books. For now I’ll leave you with this.

Thank you for stopping by, I will be revealing more information about HB as the month’s go by.

A release date you ask? Sometime before the middle of the year…

Come back next friday for more reveals! 😀