Infinite//Regress – Official Start of Serialization + New Variant Cover.

Serializing of I/R will commence on May 4th, 2023 with 3 chapters per week. Every Tuesday and Thursday & Saturday. Click read more in order to see the variant cover. Click here to read the novel.

Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that I’m starting serialization on a new novel called Infinite//Regress.

Here is the official synopsis.

You just died…?!
And a new dimension opened up?!

A nameless protagonist – marks the beginning of your story!

Embark on a journey to recover something that never was. The beings beyond death grant you one wish, but they must break a 100-year accord in order to do so; in the process setting off a chain reaction that may come back to haunt you. You are now reincarnated as the first-ever male spirit of Zomearon. It becomes a tricky situation; however, you might find love – and maybe even other things that are too hot for words to describe.

An LGBTQ Adventure by FJ Freeman

[Publishing 3x a week (TUE & THU & SAT)]

Why did you decide to start publishing I/R now?

That’s simply because HB ran its course. Volume 1 is completed alongside its prequel. And well if you indulge me for a moment, burnout was real. I had very little time for the things I enjoy. And it was taking a toll on my mental health, almost to the point where I dreaded and hated, a little bit, having to spell-check chapters. And oh my god have I revised HB around 4 times in the span of two years. And also rewrote it somewhere back in 2019.

Revision is still a form of escapism for me, albeit to a world of my own creation.

And well it’s time for a change!

I/R is much more lighthearted and focuses on the relationship between the MC (which is the reader) and Dragan – an adventurer who might have fallen to the wayside in life, but still holds an important role in the story.

The magic in the novel is basically tied to their relationship and holds an important role in having enough mana to casts spells. Basically sex magic.

But hey! It’s nothing new, H isekai’s (hentai’s) have been doing it since time immemorial, having the protag (usually male) in need of some sexy time with all of the girls in his harem. Generally, he denies it – being the little incel he is – and eventually succumbs to the temptations of a succubus demon or a sexy scientist – pick your poison. In order to save the world. Or some bs like that.

I/R is very much the same, except – it’s gay! Shameless, unapologetically, HOMOSEXUAL! In order for Dragan to get magic – he needs to seed 😉😜 the protag – which in this case is also male.

Are you a Girl? Are you a Boy? Are you something in between? Doesn’t matter the protag is male – so the reader will take on this gender through the course of this adventure!

Oi, My God! 😱

And a slime, did I mention the protag is a slime?

No? Oh well – he’s a slime.

There are more things in the novel – not just sexy times – like reincarnation – an AI – and the evil baddy called Zomearon. Who is trying to stop Dragan and Protag from getting together? (sounds like internalized homophobia) Time travel and much more!

It’s a lot more intricate – but honestly – I would need to re-read it in order to get the full gist of it again.

Chapters will be arriving at your screens every Tuesday and Thursday & Saturday.

Give it a go if you like isekai fantasy with an LGBTQ twist.

Hope you enjoy it!

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