The Arsland Chronicles – Picture Set Vol.1 – The new book I’m writing.

If you’re reading this post – you either found it by accident – recently stumbled upon it – or you were redirected here by reading the novel.

At the time of writing I have yet to publish anything about it, so – hi! People from the future. Good to have you here.

I’ve decided to start publishing the images associated with this novel – early, just so I can future-proof this whole situation.

So what is it? The following is a set of images that are drawn by me. They are the catalyst for visualizing one of the main characters named ‘Arsland’

However, this being a gay erotica fantasy novel half of the images fall under what you would consider R-18. That’s right there is full nudity with some tiny bit of censoring. There is also a fully uncensored version but I’ve decided to stick it behind a paywall.

There’s another thing – the images are – shall we say – of surreptitious nature – there’s really nothing else I can say about that or a way to justify my actions. They just sort of happened.

And at the end of the day – they are just that – drawings. They’re not hurting anyone. They are just images that exist. If you manage to snag them – DO NOT SHARE THEM WITH ANYONE. Thanks.

As I write more and more about this novel Arsland has developed into his own character. As well as the second main protagonist ’Aiden.’

Which is also the main love interest.

Enough beating around the bush – if you’d like to give it a go and see if you can unlock them by guessing the passwords then go right ahead. If not continue reading for some hints.

Hints – #1 & #2

Post Password

#1 – so the first password you’ll need is a part of the lore in TAC that pertains to relationships between the men of the Red Lions. And all guilds for that matter. However, the Red Lions go about it in a special way. The warriors need their [BLANK] in order to safely go into the battlefield. Usually from the science building. They call those that form a [BLANK] bond. Hearts and Crowns. Did you get it? I don’t want to make it super hard but not easy enough for just anyone to view these images. You’ll need this password in order to access the blog post. This is one word no upper cases.

Once in the blog post, you’ll find the images inside a zip file. This file is also password protected. The uncensored version is behind a paywall – and has the same second password.

Zip File Password

#2 – The second password is pretty easy. Crowns and hearts can only form their fated bond through the [BLANK]. The [BLANK] is only relegated to men who wish to gain more power by being loyal to one another. It’s usually performed at a church. This second password goes hand in hand with the first one and in fact, is the adjacent lore equivalent to it! What is it? A strange mark appears on both parties after it has been successfully performed. This one should be input altogether, with no spaces, with no upper cases. 3 words. Without a definite article (“The”) at the beginning of the word. And there’s a prepositional phrase in the middle of the two words. (“of”)

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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