Heavenly Bodies ~ Prelude ~ Cover Reveal! (Wallpapers Included)


To mark different points in the story – we need different cover art, right?

Everyone I have an announcement – aside from showing you the cover – I have to admit something: Heavenly Bodies, was always just an anime. ;_;

meme go brrrrrr

That’s not a bad thing – if you allow it by your grace. Let me indulge a little bit if you please.

What I mean is, anime usually has a sort of unique way of storytelling, something I’m very much pampering myself within my novel Heavenly Bodies (now available on web-novel #selfplug).

At times it’s Ghibli – other times it’s Final Fantasy – and even weirder times it’s Evangelion.

Because that time we sat quietly on a grass field. And that time a beautiful piece of magic happened. And that time we showed how madness can be stunning. Are all statements ringing true and representative of Heavenly Bodies

Yes – there’s a point in the novel where you’ll have to buy coins and use them to unlock chapters if you wish to continue the story.

That being said – these images serve to not only inspire the imagination of what the characters look like – but also as a reminder of and visual motifs, each arc has.

For the first time – I managed this cover from start to finish. There were no other artists involved. Don’t get me wrong I love the original cover, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted the series to be. But as I’m nearing my third rewrite of this novel – well things just seem a lot different.

Characters are more fleshed out – more interesting and unique. And each of them has its own little quirks and traits. If I thought of them as a real person’s before. They are now even more real on the page. AKA The Screen.

The picture looks more and more animated – less edgy – more mature. With the need for a colorful and vibrant style.

With less of a spike.

I am very much manifesting a print version of the books somewhere in the future. HB is my baby after all.

About the Cover

On the cover, we see two serious-looking characters. Their names are Baron and Winsor, from right to left respectively. And in the center Formeen, hidden by a shadow with only glowing red piercing eyes. There’s a reason he’s covered in miasma. And a smile that could mean anything, but reads cheeky and more confident than anything else.

Baron, the guy with blue hair, is of lesser rank than Winsor, the guy with black hair. The captain of this ship. And a captain among the sorcerers of the wind.

Mostly representative of the first chapter, this cover serves as a starting point for your journey into the imagination.

What is their goal and what are they searching for. You’ll have to read the novella, which you can find for free on web-novel after you’ll be able to read the whole first act of what comes next.

Now as promised – here’s the wallpaper version of this cover if you wish to use it.

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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