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Introducing Baron, an OC from my book [Heaveanly Bodies] which you can read right now!

Click below for character traits and stuff!

/// Backstory ///

Baron is the second in command and number one to Winsor. The captain to the cult of the wind. Baron’s muscular build was only possible through the constant demand and rigorous training from Winsor.

Baron was found as a young teen on the brink of death, by Winsor, a captain in training at that time and only an ensign. They were only a couple years apart in age. Together they have risen through the ranks and now command the cult. Concurrently they plan to explore “The First Sphere” a portal in space that looks akin to a ‘White Moon”

/// Personality ///

Baron is a little goofy but can be serious at times, he’s the type of person who will crack a joke during serious conversations and awkwardly laugh it off when he realizes it didn’t land. He’s a sort of meathead and some would even call him simple. He’s anything but! Baron only shows his true self to those he feels emotionally attached to. And doesn’t care about anything else.

Winsor has to reel him in at times because his jokes can sometimes get him in trouble, with higher-ups from the cult. However, Baron constantly mocks those below him and bullies them in a playful way. Some members of the cult don’t take to him so kindly. Nevertheless, Baron doesn’t care much about outward appearances, he cares very much about Winsor though. Throughout the years both men have developed an emotional attachment that is considered more than friends, more than captain and one, and some could even call it romantic. However, their relationship is disproven by the cult as Baron usually takes the ‘masculine’ role in the affinity, making Winsor fall in shame.

Winsor couldn’t care less about what “The Ten” have to say and only allowed the relationship to flourish naturally.

/// MBTI ///


Baron is cheerful and is constantly on the move, he can never sit still for one second, and he’s always fidgeting when Winsor is explaining some important details, but he always listens. Baron can easily deal with unforeseen challenges and is ready to come up with creative solutions to whatever Winsor needs. Baron holds that glint in his eyes for life.

Baron is Extroverted by nature and likes to talk to people, especially seeking new people stimuli. However, Baron is very much about matching whatever energy you bring to the table. And can also sense when others aren’t right for him. His observation skills with body language can easily tell him how other people are feeling. And that helps him play his emotions by ear. Baron carries a sort of golden retriever energy with him wherever he goes. Just by walking into a room he can make you smile. His presence is warm, yet assertive.

Baron is great at parties, but don’t expect him to spend too much time with one person, he’s definitely a mingler. And will gravitate toward conversations that make him laugh, and have a good time.

Don’t worry, he’s sure to check up on his friends and makes sure they’re arent’ feeling left out.

Sometimes Baron can have a little trouble choosing from one thing to another, especially if he doesn’t know the right answer.

/// Hobbies ///

There’s not much time to spend on personal time with helping to run a military cult and all, but when Winsor allows for free time, Baron spends it going out to festivals, and prancing about the town. Baron is fond of trying new foods around the city and loves to walk the streets at night.

He’s very easy to please and usually doesn’t get into trouble.

He might spend one or two gold on gambling, but it’s nothing serious. Baron might also prefer being oriented towards work, however going about the town alone is not a problem for him, as he’s pretty much able to make friends In strange places. He’s calm and enjoys other’s people company.

Sometimes at night, he might reflect on the way things are but quickly shoves intrusive thoughts aside.

/// Sexuality ///

Baron is canonically Demi/Pan. Meaning he is only attracted to someone if he forms a strong enough connection with them, friends are not considered a viable romantic option to him until he knows the vibe he might have with that other person. He’s genderblind.

/// Stats ///

(Based on 5e)

Strength (10[+2])

Dexterity (12(+1))

Constitution (15(+3))

Intelligence (9(+0))

Wisdom (8(+0))

Charisma (13(+2))

/// Class ///

(Based on FFXIV)


(P.S. Stats and class are just for fun!)

You can read Heavenly Bodies right now!

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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