Heavenly Bodies ~ Prelude ~ [Extra Material]

In this post, you’ll be able to find crucial extra material that otherwise would only be accessible through the print version of the story. The imprint version might be going away due to it now being published as a web novel, and so this material get’s to be accessible in this way.

You’ll be able to find maps as well as flow charts detailing some of the lore. Take a look!

Also, stay tuned to this blog as more illustrations and extra material might be coming in the future!

Island of Quattor Map

This is where the story is currently set in, both the ~Prelude~ Novella (currently publishing) and Volume 01 are set on this island. However, Gliese has a lot more islands to explore and a lot more secrets to uncover, whenever Volume 02 starts releasing there is sure to be a new map!

Quattor features all four elemental cities, Valian – The Wind City,- Vertirion – The Earth City,- Summerfold – The Fire City, – and my personal favorite, Lordell – The Water City. – All islands in Gliese feature four major cities based on their respective element.

The resolution for his map is 8K due to future-proofing in any case I would want to print for a con or something like that. So you can actually zoom into all the little details without losing any pixel-detail. Click here to open it in full resolution!

This map was made using Wonderdraft. It is paid software (OTP), but totally worth it, in my opinion, it can also be used for D&D campaigns and the like.

Gliese Orbital Star System

Well, it might not be the prettiest image, but this one serves a unique purpose! Gliese is actually based on a real planet of the same name and has some unique properties to its orbit system. One example is that Gliese actually revolves faster around its sun, which is a Red Dwarf. In the process, making time all funky!

You know how space is with time, it basically doesn’t exist. Gliese orbits 28 times for one full earth rotation. Each Gliese year has 10220 earth days! One 24-hour earth cycle is 672 Gliese hours. Meaning one Gliese year has 6867840 hours! Which makes sense because days are much shorter! (Or something like that, I’m bad at math anyway) *1 common year = 365 days = (365 days) × (24 hours/day) = 8760 hours

People also have adopted a different calendar system. In Gliese, I’m a vampire with 840 years under my belt! The average life expectancy is around 1960 years for men and 2100 for women. Every time you have a birthday the number goes up by 28!

Another example of the real-life Gliese is that it’s being tidally locked to its sun, however much of that actual science has been ignored in the process of creating a unique narrative. And I still don’t really understand how being tidally locked to a space body would influence the sea.

This particular star system is also home to a weird fissure in space-time, that the people of Gliese have named The First Sphere – relating it to something of a White Moon. It might or might not lead to another dimension. :thinking-face:

This part of the lore is better explained in the ~Prelude~ Novella, which you can read right now on web-noveldotcom. And actually helps stand out to the real vision of the novel making it true to its name. Heavenly Bodies.

The original version hints at this, but the characters never actually interact with The First Sphere. It’s a part of the story that was glossed over, but going back to it has made me change things. This image might be outdated, but still, it’s important as it sets the tone for space exploration, something I wanted to include in the first version of the novel, but couldn’t, and now have with an extra novella!

The Investigation of The First Sphere.

Who doesn’t love a good flowchart? Just me? – Okay… Well, there’s not much I can really say without going into spoiler territory, but you might be already putting things together if you are privy to the narrative. This flowchart was basically meant to outreach the lore and help me understand where all things come from and where they all lead. By the end of the narrative, I’m sure this will become rather important as there are simply way too many things to keep track and this one helps out a lot!

Well, I think that is enough for today, another time I’ll show some of the illustrations I commissioned before the novel was released. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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