Deaimon – 02

「四葩に響く」 (Yohira ni Hibiku)
“Echoing Through the Hydrangea”

A reminder that family life is important, but not so much that you should give up your dreams over it.

「四葩に響く」 (Yohira ni Hibiku)
“Echoing Through the Hydrangea”

First of all, once again I’m sorry for the late coverage, anime has sort of wanned on me this season; however, I’m really enjoying the story being presented in Deaimon and I certainly think it could get to the top as one of my favorite anime. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much the only thing I’m going to be watching this season, even though there are other series that I would very much like to spend time with. They are either stuck with D+ or well simply life has left me with little time to turn on the TV and watch anime, as my job is currently consuming my soul and will to live (jk). I’ll try to get you the coverage on time next week.

Anyway, doesn’t matter, this week the music aspect of the show continues full force, we got to see a little bit of Horikawa, Mitsuru (Suzuki, Minori) aka the girl who works part-time at the sweets shop. Is it just me or could there be something between Nagomu and Mitsuru, I did notice some type of vibe, but Nagomu is just an overly easygoing guy. So I’m guessing there’s really nothing there, plus I think she’s a teenager and he’s in his mid-twenties.

I’m really falling in love with him as a character because he is not being fake with his personality or trying to appeal to someone else by changing his persona. On the other hand, he’s being true to himself and chases the dopamine through a child-like gloss over his eyes that is simply quite appealing. Nagomu still has that thing where he can’t let go of sweets because he’s attached to them, and I think that’s probably going to be the running gag throughout the whole series. I don’t dislike it, but as Fuki and Itsuka mentioned, it’s probably time to grow up a little bit.

And I think that’s the hook of the series for me, Nagomu has to grow up for Itsuka, even though she herself is starting to see Nagomu as an adult that has his shit together. As well as showing that parenthood doesn’t mean letting go of your inner child, but in fact reinforces it. Adult life is very much about leaving behind that play factor that comes all too easily to children behind. However, it’s not necessarily the case.

Even though Nagomu show’s himself as the deadbeat son as that’s how people perceive him on the outside. I’m looking forward to what kind of situations Nagomu and Itsuka go through that makes her look up to him as some sort of parental figure, and he himself, how can he own up to that pressure placed on him by his family. The situation Itsuka has been thrown into would make her more like a little sister to Nagomu, but because she hasn’t been properly formalized into the family in name and paper. The story does have a little bit more leverage when it comes to Nagomu taking the lead as a parent for Itsuka.

On the other hand, this episode full-on made Mitsuru fall into the spotlight, turns out Mitsuru has been posting original songs on youtube under the pseudonym, Neon. She uses a mask and a wig so that people don’t recognize her, which is very common in Japan for people of underground stature in whatever kind of entertainment function to hide their identity so that they can keep their day job. However, the veil is quickly lifted because of a cellphone strap that they sell at the shop. The episode then revolves around Nagomu and how he connects with Mitsuru over music and doing what you love. Mitsuru is in a sort of weird place because she has to take care of her family and is very accomplished with her studies and even helps out her mom and dad with some of the household expenses. She puts her brothers to sleep and helps out with the baby. Meanwhile, dad works long hours, and mom stays home to do housewife things. But that’s no life for a teenager who is only just discovering what she wants to do with her life and what are the things she is passionate about, in this case, it’s music.

Nagomu practically burst into Mitsuru’s house and explains the situation, he even begs for Mitsuru to be able to continue practicing that which she loves the most. Turns out to be super wholesome and in the process, Nagomu gains a little bit of Itsuka’s trust and respect. Which I really liked. When Mitsuru talks it out properly with her parents, they end up giving her the go-ahead because it made them feel just a tad bit lonely. Which I think is the equivalent of supporting her in her future endeavors.

Nevertheless, I really liked this episode and I think it’s heading in the right direction, will we see more of the problems surrounding Ryokshou and the people that work there? Nagomu butts in and tries to solve some of them, all the meanwhile Itsuka tries to search for her dad, but in the process incidentally, Nagomu becomes a parental figure for her, because she might be all high and mighty all tsundere like, but there’s a part of her that wants to be vulnerable with the people around her, yet she doesn’t take the things that have been given to her for granted. So even though, she’s also making me like her as a character and I think the show is really working with its overall slow-paced vibe!

Here’s hoping to see if Itsuka can ever find her dad, or if she has already found him but doesn’t know it yet.


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