Sasaki to Miyano – 05

「いっこずつ。」 (Ikko Zutsu.)
“Bit by Bit”

Sasaki gets to call full house soon.

「いっこずつ。」 (Ikko Zutsu.)
“Bit by Bit”

Yes! This is why we’re here, with Sasaki being just so open about his feelings this show really feels like it’s moving forward, even if it’s standing at a standstill. Nevertheless, I still find it very interesting how things are moving along for the two of them, and I’m all up for it. I especially love that Sasaki just blatantly blurts out that he likes Miyano for a second time, and now there’s no doubt about it like there’s really no doubt anymore because Sasaki just flat out said it. I still find Miyano’s reaction a little bit bland and boring though.

I mean here lies a gorgeous guy who is willing to not only follow you on your BL fantasies but actively push on them. Sasaki is like a lost puppy or more exactly like a calico cat thanks to some of Taiga’s information. But that’s the thing, I feel like Miyano is being overly coy about things, Sasaki has full but accepted his feelings, or is just too naive to know otherwise. I’ll go with the former because it adds all that much richness to the story. How come Miyano is taking so long to accept that Sasaki might actually like him back? And not just because of his girly face, which is where I think Miyano’s complex comes from, as a lot of people liked him because of his girly face, he tried growing out his bangs but still, that baby face persisted, it’s not going away.

So I think when Sasaki mentioned his face as being attractive, Miyano retreated into that shell and wasn’t able to accept his feelings, thankfully Sasaki is super nice about it and gives Miyano some time to think about what he said, which Miyano responds with a lot of gusto. On the other hand, Sasaki thought about it and came to the conclusion that he said everything wrong, so when he calls Miyano before he leaves and pronounces that he likes other things besides his face, it really solidifies the relationship. Or at least it solidifies the idea that there could be a relationship, for all the best reasons, not just superficial ones like I think Miyano thinks is happening.

Even so, Sasaki said he won’t back down on the things he said to Miyano like does Miyano want to date and all that stuff he said over Summer. Which adds a whole nother layer of complexity to the emotions and feelings flying around, which have been represented by flying shapes going out into the sky. Another little tidbit I really liked this episode was when the clock froze and the numbers started flying outwards. I think that was a really nice touch, like in that moment time froze for both of them, and they were the only ones in their little world, even if Sasaki was thinking of kissing Miyano during his sleep. But thankfully Taiga comes into the room and Sasaki has to play it cool.

Sasaki does have a conversation with Taiga, but they end up creeping each other out, which is weird because Sasaki is basically confessing to Taiga that he has feelings for Miyano and Taiga is with that one basketball guy so I don’t understand why Taiga would get all defensive over nothing, but that’s Yaoi for you. No one want’s to admit they are in love with another man unless they fall under the clueless bimbo category. Like Sasaki does. Sasaki is just a cute calico cat that runs around not actually knowing what is actually going on, I mean he’s smart and all. But is just carries that fluff with him wherever he goes, not knowing how it might affect other people. He carries those feelings with him and then one day they just explode and he fully wants to commit to them. Sasaki has now but fully accepted his feelings and is now just looking to see if the other person, in this case, Miyano, wants to accept them and give them back in a sense.

Hopefully, now that everything is out in the open and both Sasaki and Miyano know exactly what the other is feeling towards each other we can start seeing some advancements in their relationship as they realize and fly into each other as Sasaki has been slowly taking steps to build a relationship with Miyano and it finally might become a reality, now that all cards have been set on the table, and Sasaki is about to call full house.

End Card

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