Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi – 10

「秋、あるいは日常の日々」 (Aki, Aruiwa Nichijō no Hibi)
“Autumn, or Ordinary Days”

First of all, apologize for getting this post up late, some things are going on with the Winter Preview. But don’t worry about that, and let us bring you the coverage you love and know! Finally, I had some time to sit down and watch Senpai ga Uzai and it continues to be wholesome fun, this episode certainly proved more than ever, at least to me, that I am in fact addicted to this character and currently living precariously through them. Nothing was really happening until Souta decides to take a stroll through his local community where he finds some basketball courts, where he casually meets up with Yuuto. Oh, that’s right! This whole thing started because Touko finds herself in shock as she steps on the scale. Apparently, she has put on some weight and has decided it’s time to start training with her brother. Apparently, it’s not Christmas, but Autumn where people gain a little bit of weight, I guess? Let’s take it at face value for now. 

When Touko arrives at the office, Souta is quick on the uptake and notices she’s dragging her feet, when exercising you should always take it a little bit at a time, otherwise, you’ll sore yourself out and over-stress your muscles. Nevertheless, this is exactly what happens to Touko, I’m very glad to know that despite Souta having an RBF, he is kind and worries about other people when he sees they’re in need. I continue to enjoy the wholesome factor Senpai ga Uzai brings to the table. 

Anyway, back to basketball, Souta offers to give some pointers to Yuuto, and we get a little bit of new information about his character, it seems he played during high school, and that makes me wonder if he might have been a little bit on the popular side, but was more of a reserved kid, more on the quiet side. But still had insane skills and maybe managed to win some games for the home team. I can only speculate, but it made me think of Souta in another light. He’s kind, he’s extroverted when it counts. Even though he might have a one-track mind sometimes, he is still a mean-looking, quiet guy, who has positively grown on me as the series has moved on. I don’t tend to like characters like Souta as they tend to remind me of myself, but Senpai ga Uzai has done a tremendous job at setting up this character and gave him enough time to flourish and become affectionate towards the viewers. Even if he does it in his own special way, but that’s what’s best about him.

On the other hand, Harumi has a little eating competition with Mona, the underappreciated character of the series, Mona is quiet but hard-working, and takes any opportunity she can to annoy those around her. She’s not bad or anything, but a background character. Harumi doesn’t even recognize her when she walks through the door. It was funny how she could only eat a couple of meat buns because they were too hot. But hey, I guess Harumi hot a free meal at least! 

After, the whole gang show’s up to play a match of basketball, this time it’s Harumi and Souta VS Futaba, Natsumi, and Yuuto. With Touko as the referee. The standout moment for me has to be when Futaba tries to score a point but ends up hitting Harumi in the face, and the ball bounces back at her. They even did a little replay of the moment, it made me laugh out loud. Winners or losers, it doesn’t really matter, the point is they all had fun. Futaba runs out of batteries and falls asleep, Harumi carries her on his back and they all go to a hot spring, while Touko and Souta are left alone so they can go get something to eat together. I’m glad everyone got the opportunity to read the room. And they have this sort of mini-date!

At the hot springs Futaba wakes up and mistakenly thinks that they’ll be taking a mixed bath, but of course not, it’s a separate one. All of them relax a little and have some fun. Harumi stands up during a moment of reflection and scares Yuuto half to death. Yeah, we are all thinking the same right? 

Non the less everyone has some milk after a nice hot bath! What a way to spend the day!

Thanks for reading, two more episodes to go! I’m kinda sad it’s ending, but this one has certainly been a hit for me! Let’s look forward to the next episode!        

End Card

© Doga Kobo


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