Build Divide -#000000- Code Black – 03

「か-ける思い」 (Ka-keru Omoi)
“Fiery Feelings”

Build Divide is at its best when actual battles are happening.

「か-ける思い」 (Ka-keru Omoi)
“Fiery Feelings”

Is this the show that ends up surprising me that I still enjoy it every week, it sure is! Build Divide pairs Teruto against a new enemy this week, portending at the beginning of the episode as the guy with orange hair and a cool jacket with a logo imprint, of what I think is the Royal Banner of Scotland. Clearly meant to mirror Yakuza. Of course, if you’re paying attention, you can tell it’s the orange dude from the OP. And the third to last party member in the promotional material, I’m guessing at this point the anime is trying to build up the main characters by having them battle Teruto, and thus when they form an alliance or something we can have more varied battles. Since Build Divide actually gives them a reason to veneer Teruto as this grandmaster. He was in a tricky spot this week, but end up coming back even if it meant using dirty tactics, like taking over a special unit of the other player. It made for an entertaining battle. This week it’s Enjou Naomitsu (Tamaru Atsushi) the high class kinda person who has friends in low places, Naomitsu probably keeps his friends close and his enemies closer. He makes good friends with Teruto, even having a bonding moment over the bitter coffee. But then of course they have to fight otherwise this show wouldn’t be interesting. This is a show I always say. ‘Oh yeah, this has a bomb OP’ But it might be one of those situations where they didn’t take advantage of the song to its full extent to really create a truly excellent OP and the show just ends up being a meh experience in the end, or it might actually become my guilty pleasure show of the season like Vanguard was for last summer. What I can say, I see CLAMP and I’m interested! Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see.

Teruto is a gambler, and his whole deck is about taking risks, but to win he takes the biggest chance, up to this point all of his ventures have worked, and he’s been able to defeat the enemies, but when will his luck run out, or will it remain with him forever. Maybe when the Build Divide needs conflict it’ll make Teruto lose, but this gun-ho attitude of making sure he puts everything on the line is sort of concerning, and now thanks to that post-credits scene, his memory loss incident grows deeper and deeper with each episode. Also, the lore of the show grew a little deeper this episode. Don’t have depression, just toss it away. This is how it felt when we learned the city is in the middle of a freaking void! There’s nothing outside of the city, so what is Neo Kyoto or whatever just floating in the middle of space? There was little to no time to set any of this up and it was just set up as cliffhangers. I’m guessing they do know some anime viewers tap out after the third episode and decide to hang some questions in the air to keep people hooked, and well at least it worked on me, as now I want to know more and more about this world, and mystery of Teruto’s memory loss.

Build Divide is really trying to push this idea that society is built upon card battles, there was even an ad on the street advertising a fair society through cards, and those protestors seeking refuge for those that are not so good at the card game. If I remember correctly, losing all your chips meant you were thrown out of the city, so it’s not like you’re thrown out into a wasteland, but into a void, that’s even worse. Talk about flat earth theory. The small moment’s Build Divide has to build up its word and have some exposition, it decides to foreshadow a character by having him beat up the church of Scientology, I mean magic or something. Naomitsu basically beat up a cult, but we’re fine with that, it was probably for a good cause. Cults are bad anyway. And pyramid schemes, same thing. Anyway, I hope next week we take a little bit more time to explain the world and why are we on a floating island in the middle of the void while having Teruto fight the white-haired girl. You know the one in the poster promo. Oh and this can’t possible by a harem there’s another boy in the party, if anything at least we have that.

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