Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – 48 (END)

「八星魔王」 (Okutaguramu)

Octagram – The Eight Star Demon Lords. 

「八星魔王」 (Okutaguramu)

The season finale is upon us, and with my usual tardiness, I reckon everyone has had a moment to watch this, we will be discussing the episode in full, and if you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably already know how it goes.

There were two fights in total, and things got resolved rather quickly, Clayman didn’t even have a fighting chance, but that’s how it goes in the universe of Tensura. Rimuru is extremely powerful to the point even Clayman’s final attack didn’t scratch Rimuru. It was all very exciting, seeing Rimuru finally obliterate Clayman, and even though he’s a Deathmen, Rimuru managed to get him in his entirety. Rimuru anticipated that he was going to run. Clayman had one final trick up his sleeve, he would separate his soul from his Astral Body and leave the place where they were. But Rimuru didn’t even give him a chance to do that! And in the final moment’s Clayman’s thought process would extend over what will feel like infinity for him until the moment he actually dies and his body dissolves into Rimuru the slime void.

And now Walpurgis could actually start, not without first revealing the identity of Valentine who was hiding as a maid this whole time, but that doesn’t matter because it seems the demon lords didn’t actually have anything important to discuss or any other matter at hand rather than just that one beef between Rimuru and Clayman. So Frey and Carrion both renounce their demon lord-ship and decide that they’re going to serve under Millim, to which she basically says. That’s not my style… But Carrion forces her hand since she basically did destroy that one city important to Carrion’s people. With Frey, it was a whole thing of not being friends anymore but Frey managed to turn it around and make Millim see it in a new light. So she coincides anyway.

Then because Rimuru is super good at naming things, they all give him the tasks of naming this newly formed 8 demon lord group. He actually comes up with a pretty good name Octogram, meaning star, stars have 8 points, the eight-star demon lords. Rimuru reluctantly denies but Guy has other plans. Teasing and all included! Great name honestly. They present themselves again because we can’t remember names in this house. And that’s basically it, we get a little scene with Laplace tearing someone’s heart out, and laughing almost crying because no one else will for Clayman. Clayman was part of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance, a jack of all trade group who took odd jobs here and there. Nevertheless, it must have hit him pretty hard with the news about his friend.

The season finale decides to play who’s who and who’s where and we get little glimpses of what everyone is doing in the future once they have settled down in their own kingdom once more, basically signaling peace looms over them now. And Rimuru flies through the air as he is received by the monsters of Tempest. It’s all fine and good, but there wasn’t really a cliffhanger here that cheated me, yes the Octogram is formed, but I do wish they would have left some kind of plotline out in the open, just so that we can have that anticipation for what’s coming. And in case you live under a rock, they’ve actually just announced seconds after the season finale ended, a movie! It’s due Fall 2022 so we’ll be a little bit before we get Tensuraagain. I do hope that they take their sweet time making it, and it’s also a nice little trajectory, a year seems a little bit of a crunch to make a movie, but I do hope they get a little break. It’s a little ridiculous that this whole arc was basically just the setup for Octogram. And now that it’s formed, the hijinx and real adventures can actually start. And with Clayman out of the way, we need new baddies to pester Rimuru.  It’s a shame they decided to make it a 12 episode series when this could have easily been a movie or a 50-minute special. Nevertheless – we got what we got.

There were a lot of extensions this season, personally, I feel like that’s my only complaint this season, everything was certainly interesting because we got to see a more political side of Tensura but at the same time, I believe in cannon, everything that happened, happened during the same day for the characters. So it seems a little unfair they decided to extend it out, while basically pocketing the good animation for the later episodes. I really had fun otherwise.

What are your thoughts on this season finale? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Overall what’s your experience with this season of Tensura, let me know in the comments!

Anyway, thanks for reading! And a collective see you later but not goodbye to Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken.

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