Love Live! Superstar!! – 08

「結ばれる想い」 (Musubareru Omoi)
“Connecting Feelings”

Let our feelings reach into the same place, so we can meet beyond the stars!

「結ばれる想い」 (Musubareru Omoi)
“Connecting Feelings”

I’m really liking the direction here, that subtle way the show placed the episode title card in that ending shot, felt really clean. In fact, let’s take a moment to acknowledge how the show has been organically introducing typography elements into the world to show the title of the episode. Since episode one, I found this incredibly fun to look at, and a creative way to let the viewer know what episode their one. Can’t believe I hadn’t mentioned this sooner, I guess I was a little too caught up in all the drama. And oh boy was there some drama today! And I mean that literally, 90% of the episode was making sure Ren’s introduction into the group felt organic and a decision she made, and not forced upon. I found it really cute that they would a humble layer to her character as she has acknowledged that she caused the group some turmoil, in fact, caused some anxiety and turbulence to the student body.

Her whole reason basically boiled down to her not wanting school idols because she believed her mother, who was previously also in a school idol group, was ashamed of being in one because she couldn’t find a single record of them ever performing inside the school. Something that would be weird, because as we saw in this episode, the group actually performed during the school festival. But she didn’t bother to look in the most important place, Kanon quickly has this idea and searched the room where Ren’s mother actually practiced before, she finds a small box that when opened revealed inside content’s of record of Ren’s mother performing and having a good time. All of this, Kanon has to present to Ren in front of the whole school, as she burst’s into the assembly wanting to shut it down. I personally, really liked how the story decided to just let Kanon walk on stage because the principal is apparently cool with that.

Kanon confronts Ren and when she cries everyone claps? You did it Shinji! Ren, finally realized your true potential comes within you. Not only does it happen once it happens twice, when Ren actually is welcomed into the group. Apparently, they made it a public ceremony or something so that the whole school would know Ren is now in the group! I just found those scenes weird. Anyway moving on, the performance! It was the perfect song for the perfect time.

There actually was a song in this episode, who thunk it!  Not me! With all the drama both in its writing and actual drama happening within the school, I thought this episode was going to end in Ren joining the group or something. I was pleasantly surprised, Superstar! wastes no time. Instead of dilly-dallying on the preparations, this episode glossed over the end credits and kept churning on. There was a lot of emphasis on the student body coming together, which is really nice and wholesome. Because in the end their feelings did connect and lead them to the same, please.

Kanon’s resilience is truly what drives today’s episode, without her getting to the bottom of the problem, without her not giving up, they were able to solve this and move on, more importantly, they were able to get Ren on her side, by connecting with her and taking the time to understand her situation. I think Kanon has become my favorite protagonist of any Love Live I like Rin (which wouldn’t even be canon in the Superstar Universe) but Kanon feels more evolved as a character. She feels mature in the emotions she portrays and holds herself with elegance and grace, at the same time she has things that push against her and it troubles her. She has a good heart and always tries to do the right thing, she prefers peace over war. But doesn’t shy away from showing literally any other emotion that isn’t genki-girl sad (because plot usually) and genki-girl happy (genki-girl default mode). Overall Superstar feels more mature in its evolution as a show and as part of Love Live as a whole. While at the same time staying true to its own core. I like that a lot about this specific iteration. It also manages to feel fresh and new every week, and in its overall structure.

I’m looking forward to seeing more interactions with Ren and the other girls, Ren seems to inevitably become the voice of reason in the group, alleviating some of that from Kanon’s shoulders. Maybe she’s the person who will finally be able to hold a military grip on Sumire and Keke. God knows those two certainly need it. Oh! And another little detail I liked was how Chibi just looked sad when Kanon was leaving. Of course, that dog’s gonna love Kanon! And it also solidifies Kanon as a kind-hearted personage!

Thanks for reading! And I hope you come back next week for another episode of Love Live! Superstar!!

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