Love Live! Superstar!! – 07

「決戦!生徒会長選)」 (Kessen! Seito Kaichō-sen)
“Battle! The Student Council President Elections”

Get ready, the school idol – I mean school council battle is about to begin!

「決戦!生徒会長選)」 (Kessen! Seito Kaichō-sen)
“Battle! The Student Council President Elections”

All right this definitely was Ren’s episode and finally, she’s opening up to girls. By the way, anyone else was like, her mom’s death! Kanon really tried to get Ren to be vulnerable, but Ren wouldn’t let. She just gave a flat response like it’s supposed to be enough. Of course, it made everyone in the group want to follow her home all stalker-like, hiding from her when she turned around, making sure she didn’t know they were following her. Turns out Ren lives in a huge mansion, but because of her mother’s death, she now doesn’t have enough money to pay the staff or wait – did she just say the school? Of course, this is Love Live we’re talking about. The school is in a dire situation! There’s not enough money to continue keeping the school open! The stakes are getting higher, and now it’s up to the girls to find a way to keep the school going, and I think I have just the solution and it starts with S and ends with an I. It’s SCHOOL IDOL!

I mean seriously Ren, you have to get on their side, it’s now or never does or die, sing or dance. You have to appreciate the girls, they are trying their best and clearly, something is working. They got invited to an island to perform. How is she not on board after the girls got to go away to their tropical paradise? The worst part is Sumire and Ren were both going up for school president, but Ren just flats breaks her campaign promise. Also, I’m getting some sort of vibes from the music program kids. Just because you get to wear white uniforms doesn’t make you better than everyone else. And that’s exactly the angle Ren takes, she advocates towards the lower class (I feel so bad saying that) and manages to convince them because there are more normal program student’s than there are music program students. She is worse than a dictator! She’s even taking away Taco Tuesday – I mean making sure the festival is a success by assigning only the kids from the music program and excluding those from the normal program. Sounds a little classist to me.

It’s kinda funny because that’s an actual tactic used by politics, pulling the bait and switch I mean. Anyway, I don’t have the big brain™ to make a comparison that’s eloquent enough and doesn’t offend anyone. Instead, I’ll just vaguely point fingers and let you come up with your own conclusions!

Anyway, get it together girl! Ren seriously needs to get off her high horse and accept school idols already! They are not doing any harm, and are working super hard, and even so, after seeing Chisato, mind you, win that dance competition, and transfer to the normal program so that she could be with Kanon and the others. Ren is still reluctant on accepting the team. I mean it’s sort of messed up when you think about it. She must have a really good reason to believe school idols are not okay. And having a dead mom doesn’t justify it! She needs a really good reason like something broke or someone tried their hardest but it all still came crashing down. Which I’m guessing it’s going to be somewhere along those lines.

Anyhow, what were we talking about? Oh yeah! I think my favorite scene this episode was when they were supposedly undercover and hide with trench coats and under the shadows, but when they come together instead of dealing drugs they start a singing lesson. Oh and behold it’s Ren the one who was that Kill la Kill uniform. It’s just a moment that made me laugh out loud. Another stand out moment was when Sumire dressed as a pink cupcake so that she could trail Ren, and Ren facing her head-on. Either she didn’t want to deal with whatever was happening in front of her, or she didn’t really recognize Sumire. Whichever the case it was also really funny.

A little on the shorter side this week mainly because I feel like I’ve said everything I had to say about this week’s episode. Thanks for reading and I hope you come back next week for another episode of – say it with me now – Love Live! Superstar!!

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