Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – 47

「起死回生」 (Kishikaisei)
“Returning from the Brink”

Returning from the brink means using Kamehameha

「起死回生」 (Kishikaisei)
“Returning from the Brink”

This week’s episode was absolutely sublime. Tensura pulled a complete bait and switch with this one. As it turns out, Millim wasn’t actually being controlled by Clayman instead she was just going along with his plan, maybe knowing that a confrontation at Walpurgis was inevitable. All of this so that Rimuru could beat Clayman at his own game. As in the final moments of the episode, he asks Carrion (Takumi, Yasuaki) to let him handle this. All is going according to Raphael’s plan, the souls Clayman has killed are now being converted into power while using his own body as a receptacle. Like Ganondorf, Clayman is using his final moments to try and overwhelm his enemy. All of the souls are being converted into power, and now he has reached his ultimate form. But it’s now up to Rimuru to end him. The endgame is here for Tensura S2 P2, one more episode to go. And it honestly went by so fast!

On the other hand, another reveal happened when Carrion revealed he wasn’t actually a lion, but an actual human beast-folk, with similar face markings to Veldora, which makes me think that he must have some sort of overwhelming power. Talking about Veldora, he didn’t come to Rimuru’s rescue because he felt some kind of danger, he only wanted to know where the next volume of the manga he was reading was. And of course, show off his Kamehameha powers. Which makes his reason for appearing in the battle, that much more fun. It’s not like he felt Rimuru was about to die at the hands of Millim, but instead just wanted to pester him. But otherwise, I don’t think Millim would have actually killed Rimuru. Because she was just pretending. It makes more sense why she would stay tranquil while the rest of the cast had a conversation. At first, I didn’t find it believable that she would just stand there if she was under Clayman’s control. Wound’t she would act with bloodthirst? But that wasn’t the case, because well, she wasn’t actually being controlled, just pretending.

On the other hand, Raphael couldn’t detect Millim’s spell, because there wasn’t any to detect in the first place, but because Rimuru was so full of himself, he didn’t let Raphael explain in full. Always listen to the King of Wisdom, is my little tidbit of information. I loved that Raphael was exasperated with Rimuru because he never let her explain, but when he apologized Raphael perked back up. I love that more and more they’re finding ways to add emotion to the A.I. that looms over Rimuru and his subordinates. Interestingly enough, the same voice was heard when Clayman asked for overwhelming power. And Clayman did say that the heavens have not turned their back on him. So maybe when someone wants to activate a spell or cast some type of magic, it’s the same voice, but the less evolved version. Aka The Great Sage. The A.I. god  (can we even call it an A.I?) has always been a particularly keen interest of mine when it comes to Tensura. I’ve always wanted to know where it comes from and what is the true purpose behind it. Who was the one who created it? But I guess that means going deep into meeting the gods face to face, and I’m not sure Tensura is particularly interested in exploring that aspect of its lore, just right now. Maybe in the future with some help of the Dragon’s this aspect could be explained. But for now, I’m content knowing it’s just an all-powerful being that has each individual best interest at heart. I’m aware Raphael is a mutation from a Unique Skill and the Great Sage, and the small glimmer of ego tucked away in its back, is what gives it personality, as it doubts its own existence. So maybe people of interest (demon lords or whatever) have a Great Sage with them no matter what type of evil deeds they want to commit. That could explain why Clayman heard the voice before he evolved into his final form. Nonetheless, I think my question still stands, who makes the Great Sages and for what purpose. Maybe that’s a part of the lore I still haven’t submerged myself with deep enough.

Enough speculation though, there were so many good moments here, especially making Shion shine! And the actual episode was great in its own regard, it gave clearance to some of the finer plot points this season, while at the same time preparing itself for the final boss battle, which they were saving for the last episode of course. And boy was that a cliffhanger, I can’t wait for the next episode to wrap things up! But other than that, the episode was mostly fighting, a nice change of pace from how the season started.

Nevertheless, thanks for reading, and I hope you come back next week for the final episode of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken!

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