Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – 46

「魔王達の宴 ~ワルプルギス~」 (Maō-tachi no Utage ~Warupurugisu~)
“Demon Lords’ Banquet ~Walpurgis~”

Don’t mess with Rimuru he has the power of demon lord and anime on his side!

「魔王達の宴 ~ワルプルギス~」 (Maō-tachi no Utage ~Warupurugisu~)
“Demon Lords’ Banquet ~Walpurgis~”

All right, now that’s what I’m talking about! This episode started off and I immediately thought we were going to get another long exposition episode like before, but I was pleasantly surprised that it actually managed to cram in some action in this one. Clayman starts spouting some bs speech about something, it doesn’t really matter. Because instantly Rimuru start’s defending himself and spouting Clayman’s contradictions, the caveats of this little debate were that Clayman was just spouting what he wished would happen. Instead of what actually transpired. It was honestly a little lame to see that anyone would actually believe such lies! But I guess it could be possible, as Clayman is the puppet master and his specialty is to control people.

But the fighting soon starts, with Guy places a barrier around them that shrunk them and gave them space to actually fight, or something like that I’m guessing. Rimuru doesn’t have enough forces, but thanks to some loophole Beretta is actually able to join the party, he is able to convince Guy to go into the fray. Beretta was once a Greater Demon, a specific bloodline who is only interested in mischief and having fun, not actually serving anyone, they act of their volition and only serve their current masters. Guy does point out as well that Beretta doesn’t really look like he wants to serve Ramiris while the dryad who is accompanying Ramiris does. Beretta is weighing one master against another. All of this is very interesting because Rimuru was at a disadvantage against Millim and Clayman and all of his other forces. In fact in the final moments of the episodes, just before Veldora shows up, Rimuru had certain death in front of him but managed to avoid it. Of course, the episode ends in the most interesting part, but there are still two more episodes we have to fill, and the final showdown is just beginning. On another note, all of this did make Guy interested in Rimuru, I hope they meet in Tempest at least once.

Another interesting tidbit is that Raphael was not actually able to read the magic that is controlling Millim, and the AI (it’s an AI right?) showed a little bit more emotions, this time getting mad at Rimuru because she was really unable to see the magic. I like how slowly they’re giving Raphael more and more of a little attitude, throwing some sass in front of Rimuru’s face, it really makes my heart spark with joy. Then Rimuru throws a punch and goes in for the kill when Millim is open, but it was only a trap, that’s when Veldora showed up, and this fight just got a whole lot more interesting. Veldora was able to take a straight-up punch attack directly to the nogging, and that’s one deathly punch, literally. Thankfully he saved Rimuru and he gets to see another day. I thought this was going to be a straight-up fight between Clayman and Rimuru, but I guess Clayman never gets his hands dirty so he sends his fellow teammates to fight, Rimuru is held at a disadvantage and has no other choice but to attack in kind.

I loved the little detail of Ranga silently growling at Clayman when he was giving his speech, the animation for what’s it worth, has really picked up in the latter part of this cour. There are fewer and fewer episodes left of Tensura and I’m going to miss it when it’s gone, but the high points of this season finale have really got me hyped. This final battle really feels like a standoff between what explores the two main opposing villains that have been hyped and built up all throughout past episodes. The weight of the situation really falls down on their shoulders, it’s a do-or-die trade and I really hope Rimuru is able to pull through this one unscathed like he has done countless times before. This whole beef between Clayman and Rimuru is only because Rimuru has decided to side with the humans, even though he’s a demon lord, and all of those who oppose him are met to take his first of iron fury. That’s exactly what is happening with Rimuru and Clayman, Rimuru is forced to play his hand because everyone else thinks it’s okay that Rimuru works with the humans. But Clayman doesn’t. He’s sullying the demon’s lord name. Isn’t this what Clayman wanted from the very beginning. But he’s taken a fight that he cannot win. I can’t wait for the next episode, this finale has got me livid! It’s the finale and we are finally inching closer to the endgame.

Thanks for reading, I hope you come back next week for another episode of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken!

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