Love Live! Superstar!! – 06

「夢見ていた」 (Yume Mite Ita)
“I Was Dreaming”

The cleanest written show I’ve seen in a while.

「夢見ていた」 (Yume Mite Ita)
“I Was Dreaming”

Performance!! Guys performance!!! We have a show! Excuse my excitement, but this episode definitely surprised me, in all the good ways. The most important part of the episode was that they made Ren likable by the means of covert op’ing her into Chisato’s problems, which served two purposes. Make Chisato explain to us in verbatim the importance and weight of her friendship with Kanon, which was already hinted at in previous flashbacks, but this episode really solidified it for me. Chisato was an introverted child that preferred to pass her time alone, alone in their own little world, it makes other children mistake her as a gloomy kid. They don’t even give her a chance, in the children’s eye’s she has lost all credibility as an actual human being, they have placed a label over her, and she’s too shy to do anything about it! So it comes down to the waterworks. Her label has made a receptacle of her own personality.

In comes Kanon to save the day! Kanon’s open and easy-going personality forces Chisato to open up to her, and thus walk out of her shell. It’s a classic love story! Childhood friends, in this case, the love is mere friendship, but that bond is there, and it’s strong between them. So much so it makes Chisato quit the dancing program, even though she won! The school director receives her resignation letter, her reason as pure as Chisato herself because she wants to pursue being a school-idol! Plus that scene where Kanon rushes to Chisato’s side to wish her luck before the competition. That’s love, right there that’s true love! Even though it was so confusing, the direction felt weird for these couple of scenes, Kanon asking Yuuna for a favor, but it cutting to something else. Then Kanon just showing up at Chisato’s competition venue, again another reason why I thought Sunny Pa had a lot of money.

I really liked how they made Ren likable this episode, honestly, previously she was just the girl who shouted at our heroes” ‘You won’t be able to become an idol!” For all senses and purposes, she was the bad guy of the story, but she really pulled a 180 this episode, and it was just as simple as wanting to but in and ask Chisato why she is resigning from the program. At first, she’s unable to understand, but as Chisato said more about her backstory, everything started to become clear. The little scene with her coming back into the mirror room and leaving, and coming back. Well, it was cute. Let’s just say that: It showed that she actually cares even if she doesn’t want to show it, and is sort of forced to play this role of pushing other students to their limits because that’s kinda her job as student council. She has to see all of the possibilities, shown by her relentless quest to shut down the girl’s group at the beginning, and they have to push through that. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her character develop and become closer to the audience.

Talking about relationships Keke and Sumire have this weird thing going on, that I still don’t know how to pin down into words exactly, it’s complicated between them, but they seem close to Sunny Pa! at least, they both have this fire inside them that they don’t really know how to quench. Pivotal to both their characters. And one of the reason’s to call them interesting, without that fire Keke wouldn’t have ever just walked up to Kanon, Keke was genuinely moved, and that made her act. Who would have thought Love Live would be the cleanest written series this Summer. (imo, don’t come for me in the comments!)

Let’s not forget, this episode’s song, they’re teasing Sunny Pa’s song, I’m guessing for the end of the series, but the girls got to debut their new song! Which, they were still working moments before going on stage! But it was so catchy, the song was honestly fire, I loved every single moment of this episode, I loved how they advanced the characters, both in getting closer to joining the group, and their actual personalities.

Thanks for reading! As you might have noticed there was no episode last week because of the Paralympics airing in Japan. So I’m glad this episode delivered with full force! Nonetheless, hope to see you next week for another episode of Love Live! Superstar!!

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