Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – 44

「因縁の地で」 (Innen no Chi de)
“On This Land Where It All Happened”

Being part of the Dragon Faithful makes us instantly bros!

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「因縁の地で」 (Innen no Chi de)
“On This Land Where It All Happened”

In case you were keeping track this is the 8th episode in this second cour, and assuming it’ll be around ⁓ 12 episodes (according to MAL). Then that means there are only 4 episodes to go. But let’s keep math aside for now and focus on today’s episode.

An episode without Rimuru is always really suspicious to me because at any moment he could just wash down and unleash his reign of terror. But not this episode, we got to truly see how much Benimaru has grown thanks to Rimuru’s accession as a demon lord. After the Harvest Festival, everyone connected to Rimuru got a little power-up. In Benimaru’s case, it meant annihilating Charybdis in an instant. I’m glad they brought back this monster, at the expense of Yamza no less (and some others), the one thing Yamza wanted was not to become a puppet of Demon Lord Clayman but turns out he already was and there was nothing he could do about it. He is made to ingest some kind of ruby, I thought Clayman wanted Yamza to die because he didn’t want any information leaking. But it’s not just death, instead, he got turned into Charybdis the giant manta ray that floats through the sky and delivers destruction. Benimaru is quick to dispatch it though.

On the other side, the Beastseekers are fighting against Hermes and that other guy who happens to see everything Benimaru did with Charybdis and even though they were almost going to fight, those around them ask them not to because their part of the Dragon Faithfull and that alliance is enough to keep them at truce with each other. They don’t want to scour trouble with Milim, and it would probably make Rimuru angry too if they caused this turmoil. So they hold back and align forces, for now.

On the other hand, Albis disposed of the Yamza troops rather easily, using her medusa stone powers. She kills a couple of men as they hurl towards her. Yamza pulls out his Ninjutsu and makes a copy of himself as if it’s his ultimate backup plan. But it fails miserably and he is forced to retreat, not before Clayman makes him take the glowing stone.

Then Phobio and Geld take the helm against the clowns but they decide to retreat without much fuss, because of reasons. Phobio and Geld were kinda losing and I guess this time around no one is going to die, so it’s either overpower the evil with sheer force or just wing it.

There was no info about Walpurgis, but that doesn’t mean the plans are not already set in motion. It’s running in the background, Clayman having all of his plans set in stone. I’m mentioning this because some people seemed to want to know more about it, and how it’s going to affect the characters in the future. It seems the next episode is Shuna’s time to shine. Overall I thought this episode was a great mix between entertainment, drama, and action. And overall the decision to have each action scene play out individually to each other is just great, even if it makes them more dragged out. But overall I’m really enjoying Tensei now that it has picked up the pace a little. I really hope this season ends with a bang so that we can continue to be hooked on this series. Personally, I’m also seeing the animation pick up a little, for example how that bald guy (for the love of me I can’t find his name) laughed a hearty laugh and actually moved his face muscle to do so. The animation here really reflected how much effort the VO put into that specific laugh. And there were some funny moments as well, like for example when Gabiru and Suphia give a sigh of relief at the bald guy backing down towards Benimaru.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope I’ll see you all next week for another episode of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken!

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