Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi – 06

「煙」 (Kemuri)

Running away from your problems is always the best solution!

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「煙」 (Kemuri)

In a little bit of a training episode, Hayato is placed under immense pressure, literally, Paula shows everyone just exactly how skinny she is, and Ysley only wants to research.

Turns out, if the demon seal broke, demons wouldn’t exactly pop out and start rampaging, instead the general theory Prontea and Ysley concoct is that the demons would probably just be dead, because of dehydration and starvation. So now the tables are turned, and it’s the Idaten who want to destroy the demon seal once and for all. If the demon caulk is broken and everyone knew the truth. Then this conflict would be for naught. It would also basically make Rin’s existence null. It would make the journey she went through, and the struggles she passed, for naught. It would make her solemn despair seem irrational, her journey of becoming stronger revoked. Basically, it would bring a new doom and gloom that she herself couldn’t even stand for. Her whole existence would become meaningless. Of course, the series might not go this way, as Prontea showed very little interest in actually talking to Rin about this.

Existential crisis aside, Hayato shows quick growth once more, he’s taken training with the demons Nepto, Pisara, and Kori. To help Hayato out in becoming stronger. But most of his hits are taken with a blunt face, except for some here and there. Prontea has a wonderful idea of putting Hayato under a boulder, and asking him to imagine his body becoming stronger or lighter. So to punch extremely hard, all the Idaten need to do is make their bodies heavier at the moment of impact. A hefty task as even Paula has some trouble with it.

This episode featured once again the superfast exposition explanation™, this time around I was able to read the subs, although I still reckon it was too fast for some. Once again, they’re skipping past the boring parts, where some audience members might get bored, and going straight to the important details. If any episode was a scene where they could stand still and explain some of the lore in detail, it was this episode. There’s no looming threat right now, and Brandy seems to just want to leave the demon kingdom. She even advised her children (who are her biological children) to flee the country because she doesn’t think she can take up the Idaten. So she rather escapes than have to face the consequences. However, when the children went to find who will accompany them in their escape, three new characters were introduced. Will they become important later? Probably…

Then might I add, the Miku scenes, were kinda uncanny, she was um. fondling a gag ball. Then she’s just like, I need a good, well you know, so I’m going to be taking my dildo to the bathroom (Words I never thought I would write in an RC post). And she’s super open and honest about it. In a nonchalant kinda way. As much as I love this openness towards sex with Miku. I can’t help but feel some sort of blench at how they’re handling this. Maybe it’s the manga’s fault, but even so, it’s not even that old, starting its publication in 2018. My overall thought’s on Miku are that she’s probably going to get more sexual here on out. But at the same time, it feels weird, not only because we rarely see such a positive sex character in anime, as the Japanese ideology tends to be more reserved, especially in TV. But there’s this edgy writing sprinkled in when it comes to her character. It’s not done in a mature or refined way, it’s just there. Why is she licking a ball gag? Just because she felt like it. There wasn’t any meaning or reason behind it. Other than because she can. And that’s what bothers me. It might justify itself as being iridescent to Miku’s character. But it could still be done without being overly gross. Nevertheless, that’s just my opinion, there might be others who disagree. If you do, let me know in the comments what’s your take is on Miku’s actions.

The episode ends with the Idaten, Paula, and Ysley, crashing a church or a human cult, you decide. Declaring themselves as gods. If they finally showed themselves to the humans, I can’t wait to see how their interactions with them go. Things are turning on their heads, and I bet this series will blur the lines between shadow and light. And I’m brimming with anticipation!

Thanks for reading, hope you come back for another episode of Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi

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