D_Cide Traumerei: The Animation – 06

「カズハ」 (Kazuha)

All American’s are born knowing how to drive, it’s just a fact!


「カズハ)」 (Kazuha)

This episode took the formula and spun it on its head. A new possible member shows up named Kazuha, she’s being chased by some guy’s in black along with her parents, but it seems her mother has sprained an ankle and urges both of them to continue running on without her. This is what sets the tone for the whole episode.

Then almost out of the blue, the whole team starts fighting Traumerei monsters, but there seems to be one among the crowd that still remembers their faces, she’s shy and runs away, but thanks to Rena and Oda, Kazuha can stop for a moment and talk to both of them. They discover that the church is after her because her parents had something to do within the confines of the church. They were basically in a cult and tried to get out, but because the church doesn’t want anyone to know their secrets they end up killing both their parents. Kazuha’s mother dies a natural (from what we know) death and her dad dies when they arrive on the scene.

By using Rena as bait but dressed as Kazuha they can lure the church goons out and capture one of them, Jessica has some strange torturing method with just a points card. She can get out all of the information she needs to know where Kazuha’s parents are. Then a chase sequence occurs with Jessica on a humbee, with no doors I might add, and Oda on his bike. He stops to pay a 10 yen toll, but Jessica goes on ahead. They pull some serious action moves during this chase. Oda jumps into the air, forms changes, kills the monsters and manages to land back down on his bike with little to no effort. The action during this part might have been a little ridiculous but it was certainly fun to watch.

When they arrive at the storehouse where Kazuha’s parents are being held she follows right behind. Kazuha lets out a cry of sadness, there’s a moment to mourn, but the plot must continue! Everyone seems to move on as if nothing happened, even Rena mentioning something about the parents’ death like it was old news. Kazuha didn’t even flinch at her comment. Although Kazuha has all of the information about the church, before she can say anything she is shot through the head with wall-piercing sniper rounds. The sniper was seeing everything through a CCTV camera. When Jessica shoots the camera he gives up and no one important get’s hurt.

This was a little weird of an episode, as it seems the church can also control the Traumerei and call the monsters from the dreams forth like it’s nothing. That was a little bit of an interesting tidbit I picked up this episode. Who exactly are they? And what do they want with the Knocker Ups and the dreams? Who knows. What exactly is their purpose? I can only speculate.

Certainly, a change of pace, as they did went and fought a dream monster, but only as a filler to this episode, the real meat and bones of this week’s story lied with Kazuha. The church does give me some sort of culty vibes that I’m not particularly fond of. And why exactly does the main antagonist of the show wear a Scarlet Nexus mask!?

Nevertheless thanks for reading, and see you next week for another episode of  D_Cide Traumerei: The Animation.



End Card

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