Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi – 05

「色」 (Iro)

Turns out the demons were no match for the Idaten.


「色」 (Iro)

This episode finally saw the introduction of Miku (Ise Mariya) as a proper character, as demented as she is. Miku does have a good head on her shoulders. Picking up quickly on the demon lord mishap of calling Rin by name. ‘Why would he know her name?’ And asking the troops to move just a bit so that Rin would change her stance. Making her come to the conclusion that there must be something that they want to protect on that island.

Even Paula takes on the challenge.

During the first couple of minutes of the episode, the fight that we left in the last episode, continues, Kori uses his hair to convert into an alligator thing and swallow up both Paula and Hayato, but Paula takes on the fight and knocks him down with a simple kick to the groin. She’s oblivious as to why it actually worked. Then Prontea takes on Nepto and uses a flashing light bomb to blind Nepto into submission. My biggest takeaway from this week’s fights is that demons assimilate the human figure a little too much, and it sort of becomes their downfall. Ysley’s methods managed to subdue Pisara by making her submit to her human desires. He used a flash bomb embued with hormones that made her blush in more than one way.

Personally, I like Prontea more because he seems to be a little bit more encouraging when it comes to the Idaten using their powers in a more flashy way that doesn’t necessarily rely on brute strength, even though they do need it, Prontea doesn’t seem to mind if their power comes from a little bit more of a magical source.

Brain Washing the demons

After the battle is over Ysley takes a close liking to Pisara, revealing he has dissected thousands of humans. Wanting to know more about himself, so he’s not only a shut-in, but he’s a serial killer with a god complex. Which he kinda is. By knowing more about himself, he can get a better grasp on the Idaten themselves.

Then with the demons, Miku walks into a cell and it’s revealed they were using the humans as sex slaves, Miku without hesitation starts, um… masturbating this priest girl, named Gil (Itou Shizuka) at this point, I’m sort of desensitized at anything like this, but it could be quite shocking to viewers who are not aware of the explicit sexual themes portrayed in Heion. Or how blatantly they use them with little to no disregard for viewers’ biases. Miku seems to be sort of a free spirit that follows an order to her own accord and twists things for her own pleasure. I wonder if Miku will also get the brainwashing surgery by Ysley.

Miku has a great sense of tactics, that’s for sure.

Exposition, who?!

This episode featured fast-forward exposition segments. While I do wish they did take the time to properly explain things. I guess they find viewers will be that much interested in the fights and not really wish to eat some exposition that would be force-fed down their throats. However, I think I’m on the other side of the coin. But what I could gather is that the demons are made because they take a lesser form of their clan, and fuse them with a human baby, resulting in a wide variety of powers and scale. However Miku and Barcode were created by trying to remove randomness from the process, they tried injecting the cell embryo before gestation. But it was deemed a failure, but not a total loss. Barcode can process thousands of bits of information (hence why he was able to see Ysley on-screen) And Miku has an abnormal level of observational insight. Both are to be important later on, as Miku might become sort of the recon ops. Will she fight the Idaten at one point, that is to be seen.

Nevertheless, this episode was extremely interesting, once again it blew by like a storm passing through, the 22-minute runtime felt shorter than what it actually was, and I can’t help but be overly optimistic about the next couple of episodes. This pacing fits perfectly for this show, even if some things are glossed over a little bit. But I guess it can’t be helped.

Looking forward to next week!


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