Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi – 04

「黄雀」 (Kōjaku)
“Yellow Sparrow”

It’s not an Idaten episode if Hayato is not getting beaten to a pulp.


「黄雀」 (Kōjaku)
“Yellow Sparrow”

After the big fight with Nickel, Rin is enraged and raging to go towards a struggle against the demon army, but Ysley cool level headed asserts that it’s better to go and see Prontea first before they do anything rash. I really liked this episode, it had its moments where there was only but pure exposition, but it was contrasted with action scenes however tame you might see them. Still learning about this world is quite interesting. Never a dull moment, as Hayato asks Prontea to train with him, and a fight ensues. I like how the pacing of this show is slowly revealing more of this word, and going deep into the physiology of the demons, as Ysley tries to understand, what exactly makes them tick. Now Nickel stands in a lab tub, with nothing but her head. And Hayato only wants to continue his training with Rin, resulting in Rin breaking every bone in Hayato’s body. Then she takes a quick peek at the ships surrounding the island, with no one noticing she was even there. Either the humans are really dull or she can also be sneaky. At least for me Rin’s fiery attitude towards Hayato, and how explosive with her power she is, bring one or two harsh chuckles out of me.


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