Meikyuu Black Company – 04

クレイジー・デスマーチ」 (Kureijī Desu Māchi)
Crazy Death March

Doom and gloom looms over loan collectors leading Ninomiya and crew to fight a dark soul’s boss.

クレイジー・デスマーチ」 (Kureijī Desu Māchi)
Crazy Death March

I think Kinji is slowly gaining his dream of becoming a dungeon master that sees only but passive income. I liked this episode a lot. Finally we get to see more Shia and on top of that, Kinji had to use his wits and smarts to pull the team together and defeat a boss from a lower level, all while giving some payback to the company itself. 

I wonder if the massive revenge he pulled on the company for treating his workers like their absolutely nothing, will get him in trouble in a couple of episodes. I’m certainly betting on it, but at the same he could just never speak about it, and not fess up to the crime he committed against the company. In other news, screw the company, I’m glad he took some retribution. Nevertheless, this episode’s big idea is creating farms with monsters that cooperate with him, and in turn, he takes off their horns and stuff so that he can sell them, not actually killing the monsters. 

It’s incredible how much resilience Kinji has towards these types of things, I would already be feeling the doom and gloom places by the despair that this company creates, it would immobilize me. But not Kinji he goes forward and decides to continue doing what he’s doing. Even if some loan sharks are after him. The worst type of people, making him pay interest and everything. Kinji owns almost 5 Million from the loan, I only wonder if he used that money to buy food for Rimu, or did he spend it on trying to get to his current division. Either way, the sharks are after him, and he has to pay one way or another, putting a lot of pressure on him, he must pay the loan within a month, or something bad might happen. 

Rimu on the other hand is going around the dungeon enjoying her life, being cleared of any kind of worry. 

The boss fight took most of this episode, but it was a pretty good time, and entertaining to boot. Kinji is slowly becoming the king of the underground so to speak, and the company is sure to someday find a use for him, whatever that means. In the meantime, it seems that we got double isekai’d, to where exactly we don’t yet know. But at the end of the episode, Kinji accidentally opens a portal that takes him in free fall to another place. Again, where exactly, we have yet to figure that out. 

I like that Kinji is being smart and negotiating with the monsters inside the cave, even if the killer ant queen sort of has a big-time crush on him, but hey, he’ll take it. And use it to his advantage so that he has to work as little as possible. I feel like in these trying times, this is ever more present as we work from home. Personally, I always end up working at weird hours of the day and then taking a break or two while trying to figure out how to keep my mental health in check. It’s not like I dislike my job, but sometimes grunt work is just tedious and no one wants to do it. It’s basically like an extreme RPG. Where you have to farm you’re way from the bottom (top). In fact, there was a moment in this episode where it hearkened back to the RPGs of old, and even Kinji making a joke that 3D is way harder.

But I think here Kinji is feeling down because he sees an incredible amount of work in front of him, with no end in sight, but it’s his quick thinking and resourcefulness that makes him stand out from the rest. And I think that’s what makes him a great leader, plus he empathizes with his workers. Something the black company would never do. So maybe he’s there to break out this company and make competition, throw off their monopoly. We will have to wait and see. 

Anyway, I liked this episode because there was more action, while still managing to be comedic. The sense of humor in this show is quite particular, borderline black comedy, the type of comedy that makes you laugh at someone’s misfortune. I’m glad to say that I find that it can still stand up on it’s own, even after a couple of episodes. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Kinji’s hi-jinx, and it’s very likely he missed a bullet with the portal. When is he coming back? Maybe they’ll give him back his past life, but now only with Rimu at this side. Which shouldn’t be a problem because he has a lot of money. Only to strip it all away once more as they did in the past. Because they need him back at the black company. As always, looking forward to the next episode.

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