Shiroi Suna no Aquatope – 04

「長靴をはいた熱帯魚」 (Nagagutsu o Haita Nettaigyo)
“Tropical Fish In Boots In the Ocean”

The touch pool event brings unexpected feelings between Kukuru and Fuuka.

Time to start getting in touch with the touch pools. This episode went deep into what it’s like to work in an aquarium environment, and I really liked that. This episode also dealt with Fuuka having to be recognized in public, and dealing with it. Imagine you’re working in an aquarium and suddenly a bunch of people come towards you and start digging up your past, especially a past that you’ve been running away from. Not only that, you’ve got a job to do, keep people entertained and teach them about fish and stuff, you’ve been preparing for this job for a couple of weeks. And now suddenly, some randos are about to ruin the experience for you and the rest of the aquarium go’ers. Fuuka froze, and I totally understood her position. 

I loved how after her little scene with Kukuru, Fuuka comes back and claps back at the aquarium goers in the most Fuuka way possible. With a smile and a subtle glimmer in her eye, (not a trace of evil) she’s no longer an idol, but an attendant. And her study is not going to go to waste, so please ask her about fish! And don’t take pictures! It’s rude to take pictures of someone when they’re not on stage! How senseless can people be sometimes! 

But thankfully Guden Gousuke (​​Yasumichi Kushida) sweeps in to save the day and keep the children learning facts about marine life. Then I loved how Kukuru takes Fuuka backstage and immediately Kukuru pins this on herself. She starts taking responsibility thinking that maybe she pushed too much on Fuuka because she was so obsessed with work and getting the touch pool event on track. She didn’t stop and consider that maybe Fuuka would have to deal with this type of stuff. If more people showed up at the aquarium, there was bound to be someone that recognized her. But they have a tender moment where they touch each other. (Because touching sea creatures is a way to get to know them, but touching each other is also a way to get to know one another) This is what I mean when I say P.A. Works is setting up for Fuuka to be more than friends with Kukuru. They practically declared their love to each other. I wouldn’t mind at all that if this show took that direction and made Fuuka and Kukuru fall into a relationship.

Since they live in a small town it would be a perfect way to talk about how LGBTQ have a harder time with closed-knit communities. This episode was a perfect example of how rumors spread after Guden finds out Fuuka was part of an idol group in the past. He spreads the rumor like wildfire. 

Even Kai changing the channel when he realizes Fuuka’s old idol group is on TV. I also love Kai and will fawn over him until the show is over. So get ready for that. However, I wouldn’t mind if Kai ended up with Fuuka in a relationship as well. The fact they gave them a moment alone together made me think that they’re also going in that direction, trying to pair Fuuka and Kai in a relationship, both of them are super nice, and Kai is kinda awkward around Fuuka so I wouldn’t see how they wouldn’t end up together. But Fuuka and Kukuru are my main choice right now, remember this is coming as praise from a flaming homosexual. I want Fuuka and Kukuru to end together because of representation.

The sensibilities that are being presented and how the relationship is being build-up is certainly something I could only akin to finesse. It’s so subtle, and there’s no hidden agenda that these two have to end up together. Instead, it feels natural and the progression of their relationship feels like something that could actually happen. That’s why I have no qualms with them ending up together. And actually wish them happiness in whatever they do. I can only speculate but I hope they do end up together because they make a nice couple. However, I think the show is leaning towards a slow burn with Fuuka and Kai. We will see however as the next episode Fuuka’s mother will show some push back. But will Fuuka stand up to her and show her how much fun she’s actually having in this new life she’s conjured up for herself? The friends she’s made and the connections she’s built. They’re not just going to go to waste, right?! 

An interesting episode for sure. Looking forward to more of Shiroi Suno no Aquatope.

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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