Meikyuu Black Company – 03

楽しい僕らの社員研修」 (Tanoshii Bokura no Shain Kenshū)
Fun at the Corporate Training Trip

Being a corporate slave also involves submitting yourself to mind control.

Meikyuu Black Company continues to be the unexpected comedy show of this season. All of its jokes are either wholesome (there’s nothing wholesome about a black company) or go to great lengths to show us what the writers can do with its setting and worldbuilding and see how they can twist that to create comedic situations. This episode for example how Kinjui encounters one of the ants he tamed from the previous episode. In front of Shia (Toda Megumi) a new character, who has a little bit too much passion for the company. Shia is determined to live up to expectations set by the company and herself, she’s strong and could easily take out the toughest of monsters with a quick slash. Clearly the overpowered character of the show. I love how the complete cast of characters is slowly coming together. But Shia doesn’t seem to have taken a liking to Kinji doing deals with some of the monsters in the dungeon. However, Kinji thinks differently as it is almost meant to be. Kinji is still on the lookout to make his Neet life happen once more, but it seems almost an impossible task because life is just against him in this new world. 

Apparently this episode Kinji got transferred into subdivision group 3, where they have a lot fewer restrictions on how they work for the company. But the whole episode basically dealt with how they train grunt workers to be workers and nothing else, with brainwashing and all. Kinji notices this before anyone else and decides to take confusion grass aka hallucinogenic drugs to mess with his brain so that they wouldn’t fall prey to the brainwash. It’s a little sketchy, how do drugs that affect your brain, end up helping you not to get washed? My personal opinion is that they would leave you more susceptible to being indoctrinated into the cult. But the show’s logic just sorts of runs off the rails at times, and that’s what makes it interesting. There were a lot of funny moments in this episode that made me laugh, but there’s something about it that just screams crude about it. Sometimes it falls flat, sometimes it’s really good, the writing is similar to Konosuba for some reason. But I digress. 

This show is brutal at times, not so much anymore because Kinji is now in division 3 where they take things a little bit more relaxed, but it’s all about results, kinda like a pyramid scheme, oh boy this just gets worse, and worse. Division 3 is all about those results, if you can collect tons of ore, you’re sure to get on the happy side of your boss, but if you slack off, nothing really happens, except your pay drops, and you don’t have anything to eat. Honestly, if it was me, I would probably already have died in this new world. Thankfully we get to live vicariously through Kinji, and his get things done lazy attitude. Which is the driving force behind the show at times. I really like how even sometimes in the darkest of times, he finds something to grab onto, he musters hope for the future. Black companies treat their employees like prisoners and that’s just something we do not stand for in this house. Non the less it’s a work of fiction, but it is through fiction that we can discuss the harder subjects of our society. In this case how some companies decide to treat their underlying like scum and strip them of their human rights. This show, allows us to view that reality, through the filter lens of a mangaka who probably worked in a black company itself. The humor is dry, but at the same time, it’s how it treats the truth that makes for its comedic effect to turn up. Meikyuu Black Company is a weird one this season, but now Kinji is on the brink of maybe creating his own black company in this world. We’ll have to see how he fares in the next couple of episodes!

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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