Love Live! Superstar!! – 02

「スクールアイドル禁止!?」 (Sukūru Aidoru Kinshi!?)
“No School Idols Allowed?!”

On the mic soldiers, singing boot-camp starts now!

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OP Sequence

OP: 「START!! True dreams」by (Liella!) [Kanon Shibuya (Sayuri Date), Keke Tang (Liyuu), Chisato Arashi (Nako Misaki), Sumire Heanna (Naomi Payton), Ren Hazuki (Nagisa Aoyama)]

「スクールアイドル禁止!?」 (Sukūru Aidoru Kinshi!?)
“No School Idols Allowed?!”

What can I say? That I had a big stupid grin all through the episode, well I can certainly say that. Love Live! Superstar!! continues the wholesome train this week by inducing Keke and Kanon through an intense training montage. After not having their way with the student council president, they put on a protest abating their troubles against not being allowed to pursue what they want to practice, and the director of the school takes notice. And so, Allowing them to pursue their dreams of becoming a school idol only if they win #1 at the school idol Fes.

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Previous Episodes


ED Sequence

ED: 「未来は風のように」 (Mirai wa Kaze no You ni) by (Kanon Shibuya (Sayuri Date))


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