Meikyuu Black Company – 02

「アリえない戦い」 (Arienai Tatakai)
“An Un-ANT-icipated Encounter”

Get ready for overworked ants and your rights to unionize!

OP Sequence

OP: 「染み」(Shimi) by (HOWL BE QUIET)

アリえない戦い」 (ai Tatakai)
“An Un-ANT-icipated Encounter”

Meikyuu Black Company continues to be a show I don’t absolutely hate, despite my previous notions that at some point I would just get fed up with it. Of course, it’s only two episodes in, but so far it manages to keep me entertained throughout the runtime, whooshing by with good pacing and a talent for misery. 

I know the situation these characters are in is supposed to be the main comedy hook of the show, and because of the atrocious situation they are in, circumstances arise where laughs is bound to happen. Nevertheless, I can’t help but empathize with them, and see how truly horrifying their situation is within this company. Having worked in a similar black company myself I know the struggles all too well. I think what’s keeping me hooked is how Kinji just manages to improvise several things, ideas, and plans that make his situation a little bit more bearable. And that to me is the culmination of his character. He’s the one who despite the dread and despair permeating through the caves of this dungeon, manages to push it all aside and find ways to take hold of the situation and make it a little bit better. And that’s what is making me love him as a character, he was never a NEET just because he was given that life, he worked hard, did his research worked for a similar black company on earth, and invested his money into real estate, which he later built his own mansion on top of it. Now he has a healthy amount of passive income and is able to live a comfortable life, he basically retired in his 30’s, and isn’t that the dream we all want? 

But he was swished away, into another world, where he has to do it all over again.

I like Kinji because he is a hard worker, and more than anyone else he is the one who knows more about working hard so that he can live a good life. The more entertaining and auspicious moments for Kinji come when he is being lazy and finds moments to overturn things to his advantage and try and put a spin on his situation. He’s trying to make the best of a bad state. 

It’s honestly delightful to watch! You either empathize with him or laugh at how bad things are for him. There’s no in-between with this show. 

As for this actual episode, Kinji finds himself turned into an ant! That’s right, he takes a transformation potion and uses his disguise to inform a coup against the queen of the hive, which promptly turns against him. But it’s thanks to Rim that he gets saved and makes a contract with the ants. Now he has them on his side and is probably going to be able to work with them. I wonder if more things like this are going to happen, where he subdues the monsters into being on his side so that exploration and mining can become a little bit more tolerable. The hijinx that ensue throughout the episode is honestly so fun to look at and appreciate. And it keeps the show on its toes, never truly knowing what to expect, even if the answer is right around the corner.

I’m looking forward to more of Meikyuu of Black Company, a different isekai with a side dish of comedy. Isekai’s are in high demand for that new spice to the formula, so bringing a new and fresh idea like this to the method is refreshing, and I can’t wait to see more! 

ED Sequence

ED: 「ワールドイズマイン」(World is Mine) by (Humbreaders 「ハンブレッダーズ」)

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