Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – 38

「人魔会談)」 (Jinma Kaidan)
“A Meeting of Humans and Monsters”

Something something, politics… Something something, vampires…

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「人魔会談)」 (Jinma Kaidan)
“A Meeting of Humans and Monsters”

If anything this episode showed how truly feared Veldora really is, as when Rimuru finally introduced him to the rest of the cast, they all were truly jolted in fear. Overall this episode touched on the more political side of things, rather than trying to expand the lore or world build the story. Because of this Veldora news, Dwargo asks to speak with Rimuru privately, so Dwargo and Elalude head to his office, where they deliver on things.

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Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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