Kageki Shoujo!! – 02

「銀橋を目指す者」(Ginkyō o Mezasu Mono)
“Those Who Long to Cross the Silver Bridge”

It’s a ruthless world, you’re on your own, sink or swim b*tch!

「銀橋を目指す者」(Ginkyō o Mezasu Mono)
“Those Who Long to Cross the Silver Bridge”

This week we really saw how much production value goes into making each and every single one of the plays that Kouka puts on. The people behind the scenes are working non-stop, probably all year round. And some of the outfits that get put on stage rival even those of Broadway, of course, this is all a fictional setting. But the series is really trying to sell on the point that is the top of the top. And the best people in the industry are working here. Be it seamstress, painters, or construction workers, all are tirelessly putting together a show that would rival even that of the biggest budget production.This week the girls get assigned a big sister, a sort of guidance counselor from a higher grade. Fun! Mainly because each girl gets assigned a big sister that is the total opposite of their personality. Sarasa gets assigned a more serious and cold as ice onee-Sama and Ai get a happy-go-lucky girl, that almost mirrors Sarasa, in both ambition and personality. 

Once again this week Sarasa proclaims her dream high to the heavens and doesn’t back down from what she wants to achieve, she’s not shy about it either. But turns out her dream of playing Oscar might be crushed as she’s a little bit too tall. It turns out the actor who would play the reverse role to Sarasa would have to see herself even taller, and that would be a little hard to achieve. But nothing’s impossible. Sugimoto Sawa (Uesaka Sumire) decides to let her down easily and tells her somewhat of a white lie, but not exactly the whole truth. Sarasa retorts, in the world of dos and don’ts there’s no such thing as can’t or something like that. She basically has very big dreams and is not going to back down on them, not even a little bit! 

I like how determined she is, but that makes her stick out like a sore thumb. Which Ai points out, but it’s those insurmountable odds that make Sarasa all that more interesting as a character. And at this point, she’s basically carrying the whole series on her shoulders.

As the rest of the cast don’t show nearly as much ambition or drive as Sarasa and are just lackeys to her initiative. Even Ai points out that Sarasa’s (try saying that three times) stage presence is sparkly, she wasn’t even acting. Sarasa was just standing there doing nothing, and Ai decides to point it out. I can’t help but wonder if Sarasa has some natural talent that the others don’t. We learned the background of her character, when she was just a child she used to play traditional geisha in a sort of Kabuki-like festival theater. And it seems like her family was the one behind it, as her mother has some harsh words for Sarasa, that when spoken by Sawa, it brings her back to her childhood and triggers Sarasa into an emotional state similar to that of a child. This is sort of pivotal for her character moving forward. 

I wonder how many tears are gonna be shed, how much sweat from their brow they’re gonna shed, and how much blood they’re gonna spill, whether metaphorical or in reality. How much are these girls gonna tear into each other because they want that spotlight? It’s do or die, sink or swim, be a shark, or get eaten as prey. This is a ruthless world and there’s no one here to help you if you swim off the deep end. Will they drown, or will they be able to stay afloat. Kageki Shojo is certainly starting to prove interesting. The spotlight has been shone, will it continue to grow as interesting as this episode foretells. There’s only one way to find out.

ED Sequence

ED: 「星の旅人」(Hoshi no Tabibito) by (by Sarasa Watanabe (Sayaka Senbongi) x Ai Narata (Yumiri Hanamori)


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