Re-Main – 02

「僕は天才じゃない」(Boku wa Tensai ja nai)

“I’m No Prodigy”

I’m here for the boys, but turns out now I actually want to learn more about water polo.

「僕は天才じゃない」(Boku wa Tensai ja nai)

“I’m No Prodigy”

Turns out the girl who kissed Minato is Kawakubo Chinu (Lynn) and she just conveniently happened to be putting up her end of the bargain. The only time these Minato and Chinu have ever spoken is during a swim meet, and she only informed him of a towel that had slipped to the floor. 

With just that conversation Minato fell in love with Chinu apparently and even confessed, but got rejected, he then put up an ultimatum, if he was the best water polo player in Japan, she would owe him a kiss on the cheek. Or he would eye her 110,000 yen. She then adds a little wood to the fire by saying he actually owes her 220,000 yen because he was going to quit. 

Whether actually true or not, it got Minato to join the water polo team at his school and take the sport once more! He’s not actually going to pay that money? Or is he just the type of guy who doesn’t back down on his word. Whichever the case, it got Minato back into water polo. Jou adds even more wood to the fire by putting up flyers on everyone desk’s and saying Minato was once Japan’s number one in Junior High. And it’s Eitarou the one who brings a posse with him. I swear Eitarou needs some sort of redemption arc before I totally annihilate his character. In this episode, it seems he’s the type of person who analyzes everything and looks at other’s men bodies. I’m sorry if I start looking at it through gay googles, but they wear speedos, 

I’m sure they’ll come up with an excuse like in water polo you need less friction between you and the water so you can be fast enough. Well, I’m not buying it. Nevertheless, there were some terms thrown in the episode about water polo, but overall, what I’m getting is. So it’s just soccer in the water? And it’s played with hands, one rule that did stick with me is that you can’t touch the ball with two hands. That’s an interesting tidbit I didn’t know about the sport. I went into this anime because I wanted to watch semi-naked dudes, but now I’m genuinely interested in what makes polo unique. 

With Minato’s memory loss, it’s a perfect conduit for the viewer to learn about the sport as well. After Eitarou’s posse leaves, because Minato dooms and glooms them with the truth. Everyone gatherers in the club room next to the pool. And Ejiri Takekazu (Furukawa Makoto) a red hair mullter guy. His killer is absolutely killer. And he has a fiery attitude. My personal favorite character trope in anime. They play a quick match, of sudden death. Jou displays his tremendous jumping skills, and that’s apparently enough to keep Takekazu on board. There was another character introduced Inomata Yutaka Babayaro (Hatanaka Tasuku) who’s father is from Nigeria. And also Ushimado, Yoshiharu (Hirose Daisuke) a very shy boy, who’s so crippling introverted he has difficulty speaking. My least favorite trope in anime. I just find those types of people selfish because they ‘can’t be bothered to speak up or use a louder voice. Because he’s non-conforming to society’s standards? That’s just some fallacies right there. Conform or be left an outcast. People can’t hear when you speak so low, and no one is going to be bothered to teach you otherwise. So in the end he’s just pampered by those around him. Sorry, that might have hit a little too close to home. 

I bet water polo is going to help him get out of his shell and the power of friendship will make him more extroverted. At least he’s taking the first step and putting himself out there.  

ED Sequence

ED: 「壊れた世界の秒針は」(Kowareta Sekai no Byoushin wa) by (Shuugo Nakamura)

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