Meikyuu Black Company – 01

「社畜の世界へようこそ」 (Shachiku no Sekai e Yōkoso)
“Welcome to the World of Corporate Slaves”

Time to work in the dungeon until you die!

「社畜の世界へようこそ」 (Shachiku no Sekai e Yōkoso)
“Welcome to the World of Corporate Slaves”

Meikyuu Black Company or The Dungeon of Black Company is an isekai with a little bit of a twist. Electricity has been discovered in this world, but it comes from crystals found deep inside a seemingly endless dungeon. In ancient times hero’s would plunder the dungeon in search of fame and fortune, but when they discovered the crystals could be used to make electricity. A renascence started and the lower class of this world was forced into hard labor, with little disregard for their well-being or mental state. Usually being consumed until they drop from Karoshi. Or death from overwork. Quite a common thing in Japan, believe it or not. Companies get assigned colors by people who work there or are currently working there who believe those jobs to be nothing but a dead-end. 

Those death-end companies get assigned the color Black, as you should only touch them if you are desperate for a job, and it’s not something you should consider as permanent. You shouldn’t want to climb up the economic ladder, and probably the people working there are self-aggrandizing. Those that are on top of you will probably look down on you and pass down work that they don’t want to do when they should be doing that work in the first place. 

Such is the setting of Meikyuu Black Company except instead of being in an office job, it’s inside a dungeon. Ninomiya Kinji (Konishi Katsuyuki) is the richest NEET around. He declares himself as the Uber Pro Neet, everyone should learn from him. In his younger years, he saved up and invested in overseas shares, then with that money he bought land and built mansion apartments, to which he made his home on the very top. Now he can live out his days in leisure style! But black lighting murmurs through his apartment until it opens a portal right below his feet. He’s whisked away to this parallel fantasy world, where The Dungeon of Black Company resides now he is forced to live out his life like a filthy commoner and basically, he has to start from the bottom once again.

I was already anticipating this setting because the PVs made it pretty clear what this anime was about, but the comedy and laughs made this episode worthwhile. Pulling Kinji from his already well-established life, and into a total opposite of it, makes for an interesting premise that is hard not to like. Furthermore, the odds placed on the people surrounding this black company make us wallow in their misery and pity, creating incongruity between what Kinji wants for his life, and what has been given to him.

Other such funny moments arise when Kinji has to take in a Dragon called Rimu (Kuno Misaki) with the promise of offering her more tasty food, which allocates all of his budgets, she doesn’t actually do any work, just keeps the mine-workers safe from monster attacks. Allegedly, I wonder how much effort she’s going to put into that. Rimu quickly becomes a sort of daughter for Kinji, even if he doesn’t want her to be one. They take a bath together in the first episode, so I can’t help but see her as anything but. Maybe their relationship will advance to the point that she develops an emotional connection to him, and then just betrays it for comedic effect, we’ll have to wait and see because I’m not up to date with the manga. 

There was another character introduced in this episode, Wanibe (Shimono Hiro) a shy hard working lizard, who can’t help but be overstepped by his superiors. (It’s a hard world out there kid!) Kinji takes him on an excursion into deeper levels of the dungeon where they can grab more powerful crystals and gain even more profit. Of course, things don’t go as they plan. But Wanibe does provide some comic relief as well, for example when he gives Rimu his tail. His lizard design sort of reminds me of Dorohedoro.

So far, Meikyuu Black Company has provided me with some laughs, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other hi jinx ensue within The Dungeon of the Black Company!

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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