Re-Main – 01

「ごめんなさい、誰ですか」(Gomennasai, Dare Desu ka?)

“Sorry, Who Are You?”

Re-Main wants to make sure to remain in your memory, this show is filled with poised drama and forgotten recalls.

OP Sequence

OP: 「Forget Me Not」by (ENHYPEN)

「ごめんなさい、誰ですか」(Gomennasai, Dare Desu ka?)

“Sorry, Who Are You?”

Re-Main is the story of Kiyomizu Minato (Uemura Yuuto) a middle school water polo prodigy, he wakes up from a year and a half long coma. He doesn’t remember anything except for the basic information. His memory is still intact before a really bad accident. He remembers his sister, his mother, and his father. But everything else just seems like one big blur. One day his teammates visit him in the hospital, and he has to have that awkward conversation ‘Who are you again?’ Be it as may be  – an overused plot device. Here it takes a turn where everyone around Minato skips formalities and goes straight to acting like they were year-long friends. The drama is certainly here, but the writing is so poised, it never feels like you’re watching a telenovela. Instead, it uses its drama to create conflict between the inside world of Minato, and his outside exterior. He doesn’t want to change, but it’s been almost three years since he last visited his own home. In the hospital, his sister pays him a routine visit, and it’s not until she finally notices that Minato has opened his eyes that she runs towards the Doctors and explains the situation, dropping her bag from the mere shock. Characters already have their set routine in this world, and it’s just when Minato wakes up that he too enters their daily lives.

The anime then juxtaposes itself by using crude child-like drawings and Minato explains his situation, half a year ago he was happy and lived his normal life. Being one of the best at water polo, but that fateful day he got into a car accident. A truck swerved from an unseen corner, rain falling on them, Minato’s mom breaks, but the car swirls. Minato and his sister on the back seat, seemingly for protection, the car circles, and pushes into a wall or public luminaires. On Minato’s side. Causing him to be hospitalized and go into a coma. Everyone else was unscathed. 

The accident is really played out in this episode, but in a good, Minato’s little sister still suffers from PTSD from the accident, his mom still feels the heavy burden on her shoulders like it was her fault. But Minato is quick on the uptake and is sure to make them feel like everything is about to be normal once more. Like everything can go back to the normal it once was before. 

I really liked this because the accident wasn’t just played out as if nothing happened, the consequences and feelings it caused are still there, still present, and I’m sure they will come back in future episodes. Meanwhile, Minato goes into full study mode, as he’s behind on school work, and needs to prepare for entrance exams. He takes a good look at his room, and almost sees a ghost of a past life. He did use to play water polo, and he used to have an amazing body, now he’s scrawny and lost all his muscle. So he dedicates himself mentally to his studies, physically to his rehab, and manga during his downtime. He manages to get into a not so maybe prestigious school, but still a good enough one. Where a water polo team is still present, so he did have to abandon his past teammates, something I sort of saw coming, but nevertheless, it stirred sufficient emotion in me. I too know the feeling of moving to a new school, having to leave all your old friends behind, and having to make new ones. All be it for a totally different reason. 

Then as he finally finds his seat and is getting ready to start his new high school life, Joujima Jou (Kimura Subaru) conveniently the captain of the polo team. Minato is thrown for a loop when his loving kohai Oka Eitarou (Nishiyama Koutarou), who loves him a little too much, almost bordering on infatuation, follows him all the way to school, Eitarou actually decides to join this school-based solely because Minato was joining too. (キモイ) Jou and Ei follow Minato all over the school in a buddy duo comedy chase. Minato manages to lose them, but not before encountering Kawakubo Chinu (Lynn), she’s unaware of his memory loss, and gives him a kiss on the cheek (WTF)?! Again with the loose formalities.

Re-Main doesn’t just have a weird name, it’s a play on words because Minato wants everything to Re-Main the same, but against all his efforts, things are starting to change, and turn a new coin. He’s lost all memory, but will his muscle remember how to play water polo? Re-Main is an interesting series with good comedy, and poised writing to boot!  

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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