A Quiet Place Part II; Was Absolutely Brilliant!

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And I loved every single second of it.

A Quiet Place Part II was directed by: John Krasinski, it was produced by Michal Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller and John Krasinski, written by John Krasinski, it star Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, Djimon Hounsou and John Krasinski.

Spoilers For Quiet Place 2 Follow Ahead, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Anyway, I finally got to see AQP2, and boy what a fun ride it was.

The first thing I would say in a review or something like that is that AQP2 was so quiet for lack of a better word, that I could hear the AC low rumble in the background during certain scenes, heck this movie gets so quiet, I bet in some cinemas they could even hear the digital inner wirings of a projector. It’s so quiet that it creeps from under you, inching at your every fiber, squirming its way through, in hopes of building suspense, mystery, intrigue, and most importantly scare you.

There are jump scares.

But they’re so well placed I didn’t mind them at all I didn’t even saw them coming. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a scary film though, so being desensitized could also be an issue, but none the less I enjoyed it so much I decided to start raving about it on my blog!

Let’s discuss:

The movie start’s in a flashback scene, title over black background Day 1. Everything is normal, the Abbott family going about their daily routine in small-town America, Lee goes to the pharmacy and buys oranges and stuff, but doesn’t pay, Lee has a sort of agreement with the older guy behind the counter. Place it on my tab. Lee hurries outside, towards Marcus’ baseball game. Through daily life, we are reminded of how the family unit stands out from the crowd. They use sign language to communicate with each other. An important aspect of the first film. The whole cannon is respected, as after the flashback Lee is no longer with them, spending the only moment’s with us in this second film.

They all look up, a meteor is crashing into the earth, they have no other option but to go home, feeling the imminent danger, but they cannot move quickly enough, and chaos starts running everywhere. The hostile hypersensitive hearing aliens crash down on earth. And start attacking the population.

Here’s the first cord the movie stuck with me, apart from being a great scene to watch, mimicking the one-shot, makes for a fantastic scene where everyone starts dying, panic ensues, and the people are merciless against the powerful threat.

It makes sense the aliens would attack cities first, they’re the noisiest of places.

The whole film then set’s off. Here’s a moment’s pause, as AQP2, and its counterpart, the first movie, start and get going right after a really good intro to the world and story. Because of this, they don’t follow a 3 act structure, but that’s not a bad thing that’s the best part. This second movie, and the first one by proxy, feel so much so like a TV show’s to me. Long episodes, but it does feel like a TV show. And I love it for that. The first movie felt like a cool pilot for a possible series and or franchise. The elements are placed so meticulously that when put all together a cohesive whole show’s, but like this sequel answered, so much more elements, story, and lore can be placed inside of the already established whole. With almost relative ease. And at the same time being super interesting because we already love the characters.

The characters are filled with so much depth, I find it hard not to see myself in this situation. The Abbott’s are good people, they’re intentions are never wrong, even if sometimes a hot head gets the better of them, and makes them do stupid shit.

A Quiet Place is above people doing dumb stuff for the sake of the plot moving forward. But I forgive it because it’s a really good movie. But also the same time it’s not like it was impossible or like that didn’t happen, or could have been prevented in some way because kids don’t know better and they don’t have the preventability an adult might have.

I love the characters, everyone did a fantastic job at acting, and giving the situation they’re in; The pressing manner it deserves. For example like how everyone whispers, and when they have a fight they have to whisper. They have to go to certain lengths like drugging a baby with oxygen so it doesn’t cry. What does that even do to a person? There’s a lot to dig here, but now that they’ve found a cure against the monsters they need to amplify it and cast it nationwide. Rules could be set like broadcasting the frequency the cochlear and the microphone create every hour or something like that.

They have a cure, a way to fight back.

The world could become livable again, but they’ve been living in an apocalypse event.

Or maybe, turns out the meteor has some like alien birthing (go full Giger on this thing) thing and starts making more harder aliens for the people to fight. Level up type situation. Anyway, I’m spitballing at this point. And hey it was free!

At times AQP2 can waddle, but it never lingers, encounters with the monsters are plenty, there’s so much tension to go around, it’s palpable. AQP2 builds suspense from under you, it sets the foundation and then starts building from the ground up. Its tension comes from characters having to move slowly, even when walking, their comfort being taken away and them having to deal with that. There’s so much good here, it’s wonderful. I would say the only change is that the storytelling might be a little bit more poised, but you shouldn’t really worry about that, because I tend to agree with myself a lot, so it might just not make sense to a lot of people.

But the movie’s great! 5/5 stars, watch it now, it deserves all the love because it’s one of those really good horror movies you just gotta watch, even if you hate scary movies!

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A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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