I might be obsessed with Smash Legends and that’s okay.

「Smash Legends」 (Line Games | 5 Min Lab)

Smash Legends is available on iOS | Android| PC

Smash legends is an intense 3 minute 3v3 MOBA with different game modes that keep it fresh and outstanding!

Have you played Smash Legends? A game about beating other players to a pulp and feeling good about it. But all in a good way. The aesthetics of this game are mostly cute and charming, with its cartoon style it managed to garner my heart, and I am obsessed. The game uses a stamina system in the form of keys, you get a certain amount of keys and put them towards opening loot boxes. Which can give you pieces of characters that you can later use towards upgrading them, with HP boosts, and other upgrade quirks that make battling that much easier.

There is certain finesse towards matching normal combos and using them towards getting other players of the stage, which I don’t think I’ve fully mastered just yet. Mostly I don’t think I’ll ever will because it certainly takes quick reflexes and some abrupt thinking to get staggered on your enemies. It’s so satisfying seeing other players just launch of the stage because you combo locked them and threw them out the stage. Although that might be a little bit harsh on my part, it’s all part of the sportsmanship of this game.

It’s so much fun! I started with Peter but as I grew into this game, I decided to start using Kaiser, you know the tall buff king guy. He’s certainly a king in my eyes, but recently I started gravitating towards using Red. I think she’s the most OP character in the game, her first ulti recharges a couple of times, and you can use it nonconsecutive. While her second ullti turns her into a shadow and makes her invisible to other players, so you can move around and go in for the kill!

Kaiser on the other hand uses his punches to beat other players, his second ulti makes him invisible for a short amount of time, even being able to take head on the ulti attacks from other players. It’s a lot of fun because at the right moment you can turn a match on its head with this character.

I’ve dabbled in other characters, but only to complete the daily missions, I don’t particularly fancy using them.

Another cool and subtle aspect that I like is that most characters seem to come from fairy tales, and also from the creator’s minds. It’s a mix between the modern and the old, giving some characters that sense of familiarity, while others have that sense of newness and freshness to its story. As there are subtle hints of a story sprinkled here and there through the game, but it’s mostly garnered towards online play.

There are several modes, Dominion is about capturing a central point, matches last until 4 points. Battle Royal, is just how it sounds, but it’s a shorter take on the formula. There’s a 1v1 mode that pivots you against one single other players. Team Deathmatch where you grow bigger the more points you gain from killing and beating other players, but it gets taken away as soon as you die. And there’s a special stage that opens at certain times with special remixes of other modes. Like capture the domain but you have to collect veggies! it’s certainly something special that I’m enjoying! And hopefully, this post inspires you to play the game or something like that.

Smash Legends is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

See you in the battlefield!

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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