CODENAME: I/R – 20% Checkpoint!

Ta-Da! Here’s an early pre viz of a new image of the MC and Dragos Shu Neven in CODENAME: I/R.

I’m currently writing a book, and I’m at the twenty percent checkmark, or around 20 thousand words.

Here’s a small checkup with my self.

Letting you know how it’s going and a small inside look into the process! You can check out if there has been any change to the progress of my writing on my Upcoming Projects page.

Because it’s neat!

Hi there how you doing? It’s me FJ, in case this is your first time reading my blog! Hi and welcome, let me get you up to speed. I’m currently writing a LGBTQ Fiction Novel. In more precise terms, I’m writing a gay isekai with BL and BARA elements. If any of that made sense, then welcome you’re on the good side of tiktok. If non of that made sense, maybe stop reading, this is probably not for you.

The Characters, and their world.

I’m going to allow myself to speak a little about this world and what makes it unique. Cronus is a red planet much like mars, yet it tribes with people and life. The people living in this world had to build walls or domes around certain areas to protect their forests wild life and their general way of life. They can pass through the walls, but on the other side lies the wasteland, a dangerous place filled with monsters and earthly natural hazards. And the air isn’t breathable on the other side, because the planet doesn’t have an atmosphere anymore.

Why the planet is like this? And is there anyway to fix all of this? You’ll have to wait for the novel to come out.

Answering the Questions.

I’m planning on answering all of these questions in the first volume, prepare the world and make it interesting enough for people to want to read it, but as with everything I do, there’s already a sequel in the works. It might be a little to early to say this, but I do like to do these types of things, even if I don’t always follow through with them.

Anything beyond this point would be only spoilers, and the first volume hasn’t even come out, so I have to be careful about what I say.

Dragos Shu Neven

This is Dragos, a character I made a long time ago. (circa. 2020) I like the name Dragos because it means beloved one. And it couldn’t be more perfect for this first tome, because our protagonist dying wish is to have a muscular boyfriend in his next life. As this is an isekai, the protag dies a very gruseome and early death via a freak truck accident. Anyway, I don’t like so much the design now, I don’t know why in 2020 I was so much into flowing silks. But those are meant to have spells and protect Dragos. At one point I had a similar idea for Rae in #Heavenly_Bodies (xD) But decided to hold on of it for a sequel. If that ever happens, which it will, I promise, I just need to ramp up my skills a little bit before I can properly write it.

Here are his stats, and in the upper right I made him wear cloths. A lot of STR (Strength) because he has a lot of muscle so it only fits. He also has DEX (Dexterity) as a main attribute because he’s flexible and can handle himself in a fight, which makes in an excellent candidate for the Conscript Class, which is something similar to a more traditional Warrior, except most warriors in this world are part of the King Alliance Military Unit (KAMU), or the Higher Hero King Alliance Military Unit (HHKAMU). The difference between the two is you become a Commander Cadet (CC) in the former, while in the latter you can only advance to Military Cadet (MC) which drastically lowers your opportunities. Most MC’s will try their dam best to rise above and beyond and become a full CC. Then they can start to think about moving forward into the KAMU HHK.

Dragos isn’t drafted into any one of those at the moments, but his general sense of anti politics and military, leads him to leave a quiet life in Tarragon Village, where he enjoys life helping out with crops, and other activities around the village, he lives a top a mountain in the farthest northern part of the village.

He likes it there because of the view and because it’s quiet and lonely.

I thought about assigning levels to characters but I wanna keep the systems and magic rules as loose as possible so that the relationship between the two ‘men’ comes through. I use men with quotations because technically the main character (the novel is narrated in first person) is a slime. But has a human form, so it doesn’t matter!


He’s a quiet simpleton aloof happy go lucky guy!

And yes he has red hair, it’s very important because it fills a character trope I really like. Captains always wear red, right? So yeah it’s that color red, I will not be accepting proposals for any type of adaptation that don’t fulfill this request.

He wears shirts too!

As for the actual writing, it’s going good, motivations high, I’m excited for this story, and I’m letting loose and having fun while writing, not worrying to much about how it reads or the words I use, or if it’s good enough or not.

It’s a story that if I read the synopsis and found the cover in a book bookstore, I would most probably pick it up, because of all the sexy bits, and well the story is turning out with lots of lore, which I’m always happy about, but by now that should be a given with all my works.

And that is all that matters right now. I’ll worry about everything else, at a later date. But today I know I’m having fun!

My problem is that I have this thing with my brain where made-up images are way too real, probably because I’m an Aquarius, xD. Not that has anything to do with the book, but reading this post is enough to figure it out. (*wink wonk ;)) Anyway, I got sidetracked there, Images in my brain are way too real and vivid. I would say it’s almost a big case of Hyperphantasia, but apparently, everyone has it so it’s not that rare, and there are some people that don’t see any images at all. Anyway, if I’m listening to music or reading a book, images come through very vividly, and it’s the same for my fiction. So that’s nice I guess…

Wait! Can you talk a little bit about how the sex scenes, how will play out?

Why do you wanna know? But I will tell you, only in the interest of spicing things up. They happen naturally, but before they happen there’s a chapter change, and before you start reading the chapter it will tell you, you are about to read a s e x scenes, proceed at your own risk, or skip this chapter if that’s not your thing and you only want to experience the story for what it is. I will keep sex scenes tied up in their own little chapters so normies don’t have to worry and can safely pick up this book, although you might get strange looks from girls browsing the BL section.

Although I cannot say there will be some foreplay between the two, before the actual s e x chapter starts. *wink wonk* uwu sempai yamete kudasai, uwu.

Don’t worry it’s a $1.99 micro-transaction if you want to read the s e x chapter.

Subscribe to me Patreon for the full unedited s e x scenes as they happen in real time, with HD graphics and 3D VR!

Furies not included, each item sold separately.

(Yes it’s a joke!)

That’s all for today, thanks for reading!

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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