Ya’ll remember him?

It feels so good to be writing again. You could say I write every week, but that writing is for the internet, and thus very different. Internet writing is an end meet. While novel writing is a lot more personal.

Here’s the thing – I don’t start writing a story unless I’m 100% convinced it’s gonna be a story I’m gonna enjoy. With Codename AHOUS. I wasn’t feeling that. I don’t have the capacity to plunge through a story (although I’ve done it before) that I’m not feeling, that I’m not convinced is the right story, that it doesn’t spark something within me and lit’s a fire under me.

You know?

Yes I can plan, write and publish a story that just doesn’t feel right, but I’ll get bored somewhere in the middle, then I have to push through that and write the whole thing, but after that, there’s just this big empty hole inside of me. I pushed myself to finish a novel I wasn’t feeling, but at what cost? Did it make me a better writer, probably not, because I don’t have the confidence to publish it.

That is one of the reason’s why CODENAME: AHOUS is POSTPONED, however, you can read the sequel that started this prequel. In the form of Letters to a Future Lover. Although that project was just a small test into magical realism.

At the moment, because that novel required some research into myself and those around me. I wanted to craft a believable relationship between the two main characters, and I wanted to find a way to make the monotone – exciting. However, the twists and turns the story took, didn’t excite me. They were just there, however grand they might have been.

CODENAME: IR, is a fantasy, moreover it’s an isekai, moreover(2) it’s an isekai with a BL twist. Moreover(3) I would even say it might be the first BARA BL ISEKAI. That’s right you read that right. And even though I don’t have the thing fully planned, I do know where I want the story to go, and more importantly I have the ending planned. So everything in between is just something I’m gonna have to come up as I write the novel.

I don’t usually plan out things in full detail, I have some semblance of what’s going to happen in the scene but what actually happens depends on the characters and what they want to do through me. I’m their vessel, and they act on their own. I’m just watching a movie and penning it down.

It’s a perfect blend between Planner and Panzer. A ‘Panzer” by the way is someone who doesn’t fully plan their novels and instead just fly’s by their seat’s of their pants. I also find that enjoyable, but I like to know what sites and sounds we are going to be exploring during our journey. Everything else is just fun, because I feel like I’m exploring this world and getting to know the characters as I write.

This is how I wrote Heavenly Bodies, and I don’t know why I was waiting to have ALL of the planning done for IR or AHOUS, but it’s almost the middle of 2021 and I have nothing to show for it, so I certainly need to take matters into my own hands.

This is why IR doesn’t have the full plan yet, but instead just some chapters. I’m taking it one step at a time as well, my word limit for each day is around 2.5k I can write less than that and not feel bad. But anything more than that means it’s time to close Scrivner and go take a walk or do something else around the house. Watch some Anime or play some video games. Anything that is not going back to my world. This is super important because this is how I manage burnout. Writing a little bit at a time is best, plus 2.5k words a day nabs you a novel in about a month or so. So it’s all good.

As for the genre’s of this novel, am I ashamed? Aren’t you ashamed or writing something BARA… that means you’re including s e x in it, right?

Yes, this new novel is going to have some s e x scenes, but s e x sells so – deal with it? I don’t mind if for the adaptations (if any) they remove the s e x scenes, as long as they keep the relationship between the two men, I’m okay with it! Meanwhile, the novel is going to be steamy for those that want to experience those scenes. We’re all adults here, so don’t think too much about it. Erotic things exist for a reason. I’m sure a lot of gay guys would wanna experience a relationship like the one I’m pinning down for IR. I can’t be the only one.

And hey, maybe I’ll include some kind of accordion in the beginning of the book for those that don’t want to experience those scenes. Non the less that’s it for now! I’ll be back with more updates soon!

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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