I’m not doing enough with this blog.


Here’s the thing. Hosting cost’s money, and I just feel I’m throwing it down the drain. I should be doing weekly post’s But here we are. So what’s going to happen?

Starting July fjfreeman.blog will start mixing together with my other blogs animevodka and Novnatus and start doing weekly anime reviews, and video game talk. Since those are the two mediums that I consume the most in my spare time.

What about your books?

Well first of all, if you’re asking that question, thank you so much, you are a true MVP. But if you’re likely the latter then, hi, yes I have a book called Heavenly Bodies, don’t look at it’s trash. Or do whatever you want I don’t care.

My books are not going away any time soon, in fact whenever there’s a book launch or anything similar those post’s will probably become sticky on top of the page so you won’t have to miss a thing!

But why are you doing this?!

Like I said, I’m just not doing enough with this blog, and I need to start upping the blog post count, while at the same time doing something that I like, i.e talking about anime and video games.

Why not keep them separate?

This is my blog, I can do whatever I want. And besides, this blog requires a much needed revamp, so I can start using it again. And I just feel like this is the best way to move forward, and keep my domain, which I quite like. I just need to start using it more.

What type of anime are you going to be talking about?

Seasonal anime, on release day, only if another writer picks up an anime I’m interested on RandomC.

Most likely if nothing get’s delayed most likely I’ll be talking about Love Live! Superstar!! Of course that is if another writer picks those up for RandomC, which is most likely what is going to happen. But things are still up in the air, we won’t know until Summer actually comes.

What type of video games are you going to talk about?

Anything that I’m playing at the moment.

Why even bother? Who even cares?

You’re right, why even bother writing this up, mainly because I want to give myself the freedom of doing whatever the hell I want with this blog and not feel constricted by my own anxieties. It’s not like there’s massive traffic on this blog anyway. (Actually there’s no traffic) If one day it dies, one day it dies, so be it, but for now, you’re getting anime coverage whether you want it or not!

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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