Something happened, and I need to tell someone about it

This image is relevant I swear!

Of course I’ve already told all my friends.

The RandomC thing.

So at the cost of sounding redundant, I was chosen as one of the new writers over on the very popular blog called Random Curiosity, it already happened and I’ve already posted three posts over there. [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

I’ve been blogging about anime for a little while now, whenever I finished a series and wanted to talk about it, I’d go over to my other site titled AnimeVodka. But never actually got anywhere with it. Now that I’m part of RC, it feels like I’ve been thrown into a community of enthusiastic people that want to talk about anime and all of what it entails.

At first it was a little overwhelming, I’m getting more comments over there than what I have ever gotten here, or in any other site for that matter. People are actually interacting with the content I’m producing and maybe actually reading it? I’m not so sure about that last part, but nonetheless it at least feels that way.

So I just wanted to post an update here about that. Because it feels like a great accomplishment. I tried talking about weekly anime once in my blog AnimeVodka, but demotivation and other factor’s just made it impossible for me. I feel lucky that I was accepted into this very popular blog.

Right now I’m only blogging or covering one series. And that’s Odd Taxi a murder mystery anime with Quentin Tarantino vibes. I’m really enjoying talking about it, and seeing everyone comment on my posts. It’s been sort of a roller coster ride, but a good roller coster ride.

I hope next season I can cover more series and help expand the coverage the blog has across the medium. RC also opened a new youtube channel in case you wanted to go check that out, right now we don’t have any videos, but that will change in the future.

The Heavenly Bodies script is being written!

In other news my book Heavenly Bodies is still out and you can go check it out. I have to tell you the truth: That book is not perfect, it has a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes, and that for some people might ruin the experience, but I still urge you to check it out as I’m really proud of the story. So much so that I’m currently developing a script for.

And there are some new changes, that I’ll tease right now. A new god like character was added to the movie script, and new lore revealing the truth behind the miasma was also incorporated into the script.

Magicule miasma particles are now a thing – both positive and negative.

Some scenes have also changed, like for example the scene in the begging with the Sorceress of the Wind, let’s just say it flows a lot better now. And the scene where Rae is born and Melissa is – well you know – in the process, has also changed in favor of a better explanation of why exactly all of that happened in the first place.

While I feel the book’s pacing is fast – the movie script is even faster. In the book I take time to explain the surrounding’s, what the character’s are seeing and what they are feeling. In the movie script there is no time for that, instead characters just have to express their feelings. And there’s no time to explain secondary lore. So scenes just move forward with little to no restraints.

And I’m kinda loving it. Not gonna lie.

Right now there are no plans to introduce a new version of HB with the changes and new lore, but that can obviously change in the future if the script ever get’s produced into a movie. Heavenly Bodies ~ RE;CC ~ or something like that… Other than that I’m working my ass off trying to get this script made by the end of this month. I’ll keep you update on how much I advance, things are going slowly of course.

What happened to the HB podcast?

I’m sorry to say, it was getting little to no attention, so I’ve decided to stop, it was affecting my mental health, and putting unnecessary pressure on me that I was simply not comfortable dealing with. For now I’ve decided to leave them up. You can listen to them on Youtube [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ] and I’ll make sure the missing episodes get placed on Spotify.[ 1 | 2 ] So that you can go listen to them over there if you want.

The four episodes serve as a great introduction to the world and the writing style of the book, so maybe you’ll get hooked and get the book. I don’t know that’s up to you. I’ve also adapted my lore post’s [Character Introduction | Epigraph Introduction | Epigraph Part 2 | Epigraph Part 3 | Races Introduction | Island of Quattor | Planetary Geography | Time Explanation ] into some youtube videos. World Introduction , The Epigraph , Time Dilation , Geography. Those did a lot better than the podcast.

Worry not I’ll continue making videos but they’re gonna be a lot more chill vlog style and just whenever I feel like it. Because it feels a lot better to produce a video that comes from my heart rather than a video that super scripted. They might be a mess, but they might also be funny, so I don’t know you will have to wait and see.

Other Projects

I’m currently at a cross road. CODENAME: AHOUS is about 50% planned but CODENAME: IR is only about 10% planned. Both book projects. While IR is very new the idea has been stirring in my head for a while, and it’s a lot more personal than AHOUS. (It’s borderline self insert) But personal works are the best kind of works, right?

In the end stories that are more personal to the author end up looking better to the reader. And stories that might be a little bit more produced like AHOUS might just end up falling flat. So that’s why I’m currently thinking of moving up IR and start writing that even though. But at the same time I know I should pull through and just write AHOUS so I can get that out of my system.

So that’s my current dilemma but personally I think AHOUS will get produced first before IR just so I can say I wrote that book.

Both books are very gay by the way. But AHOUS is a teenage drama so the story takes precedent, because you can’t really show adult sexy time when teenager’s are involved. I mean you can, right… like eff it, it’s your book, do whatever you want, but I’d rather show a healthy gay teenage relationship that doesn’t revolver around sex. Do not worry IR has loooots of it. In fact I would even go as far as to say IR is a Bara project. For those uninitiated in this church of Bara, it’s yaoi by gay men for gay men. Yaoi is primarily made for woman in mind, in case you didn’t already know. So bara scratches that gay itch in a way yaoi can never do.

So what if I want a muscular boyfriend? Even though I don’t have the body and never will… I can still dream.

Any applicants refer to my business e-mail. (I’m kidding :p) [unless?]

I don’t think I’ll be able to publish two books by the end of this year, but I will certainly try. I’m just in a slump right now, where I can’t find motivation for anything.

Music Recommendations

As it’s become sort of a staple now here on my blog, I recommend stuff I’m currently addicted to at the end of my blog posts.

I’ve been recently addicted to this song by Bring Me The Horizon. I think it would make a perfect opening song for the HB movie, I still have yet to see any images that correlate to exactly how the opening credits would like. But I do feel it has anime opening energy. A little bit too much actually, going as far something like the Death Note opening. And besides BABYMETAL is in it, so the asian market is in the bag.

Speaking about that…

Yes I listen to k-pop, I’m not a super fan of it and don’t follow it religiously. But those two track’s by the group ITZY recently came on my radar, and I’m just loving them. They empower you and teach you to be yourself, things I’m all about. Both songs basically say that it’s okay to be yourself and that you shouldn’t be anyone else. And you shouldn’t apologize for being who you are. Of course as long as you’re not hurting anyone, go ahead and be that beautiful being you are inside. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and if they do give them my number so I can beat them up. Or something…

Changing gears…

My girl SNOW THA PRODUCT released a new song, featuring rap calisthenics and of course I already know the lyrics.

Excision and Subtronics released a new song as well. Excision’s personal label Subsida is really bring the heat, just after launching releasing over 100 tracks by different artist’s. That is very impressive. Of course if you know me I’m a basehead so I had to include this new release in the recommendations sections of this post. The base hit’s like electricity flowing through you with high impact and a powerful dubstep melody.

On a similar note

Powerhouse German producer REEK released a new track titled A Flower in the Snow. It’s the perfect song to say goodbye to spring as it’s melody features cold weather imagery and a powerful drop, it starts out slow, but ends up evolving into a sturdy stomping electronic song.

Those are sort of the songs I’ve been addicted to I hope you found something new in these recommendations. 🙂

Movie & TV Recommendation

Sadly the last movie I watched was the third part of Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel III. Spring Song I still highly recommend it as it was very good! But that happened on March 24, 2021. So clearly I haven’t watched any new movies this month.

My last watch’s include The Stranger by the Beach a gay love story. Also very good! I recommend you watch it if you’re into pretty animation and gay boys.

Happily staring Joel McHale and Kerry Bishé a dark romantic comedy? I was just very confused by this film.

Yes Day was absolutely lovely! I super recommend you watch it with your kids or family members, it’s such a feel good movie.

Raya and the Last Dragon incredible feat by Disney once again of course, no one is going to be able to top them when it comes to animation they are the absolute giant and this film proves it. I hope to see more mature dark stories from them in the future. With a splash of comedy of course.

And finally Monster Hunter this movie was fun, but in a I’m eating popcorn and looking at my phone while the slow part’s happen. It did remind me how good the Monster Hunter franchise is, and that I should play it as inspiration for IR. And I’m going to do, someday in the future. Video games are super long but I enjoy playing them. Speaking of which.

And for TV I’ve been binge Watching New Amsterdam on Netflix, thank god the third season is airing, because I am hooked. Also it makes me question my life choices, since I consume around a bowl of weed every day and I worry I might get cancer or something like that in my lungs, or my throat, and I’m constantly thinking about how humans have hearts. And like I psych myself out like that, but the heart is a muscle so at least I remember that and think it’s okay. Still I remember how weed affects the blood and I worry I might get hypertension. I’m also learning a lot, but also worry a lot, but I’m involved with the characters, but I also worry.

Why do doctors have to be so healthy?! Eat some junk food dagnabit!

Video Games

Hey! It finally happened, I’m a toxic League of Legends fan now. (Not really on the toxic part) One of my friends play’s MOBA (BANGBANG) religiously and I decided to join her and download the game, I played some matches and now I’m hooked, after that I played Wild Rift, and well I’m hooked. So yeah I’ve been playing MOBA whenever I have the chance, and LOL with my friends who also play it. Probably going to play a match after I publish this.

I also downloaded the Magic game and well let’s just say I finally know how to play Magic.

Other than that I’ve been playing Miitopia on my 3DS.

FANTASIAN is a game on my radar, but I’m trying to finish a Chinese MMO called Blade and Soul Revolution first, before I start anything else. Also on mobile.

On my PS4 I started playing Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age because I just needed a Final Fantasy in my life right now because my depression demanded it, I’m also making my way through that game slowly. And really enjoying it actually.


Finally might I recommend some anime for you to watch?

Fumetsu no Anata e | Subarashiki Kono Sekai The Animation | Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? | Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu | SSSS.DYNAZENON | Super Cub | Yakunara Mug Cup Mo | Tokyo Revengers | Mashiro no Oto | Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song | Dragon, Ie wo Kau.| Bishounen Tanteidan

All of those I just mentioned are currently airing.

Among many others! But I’ve run out of time, or energy to care.

Stay lovely and see you later!

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A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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