Lack of Motivation; Current Update on projects; my anxiety rises to through the roof. (Update March 2021)

So umm… I started adapting my novel into a movie script.

It’s not even finished, but there are already some changes to the movie script, that didn’t happen in the book. Some things that take forever to be explained in the book, or actually have paragraph upon paragraph of explaining. Just happen in one or two lines in the script. Things have got to be streamlined. That means the pacing of the movie is incredibly fast. I can’t help but wonder, is this what it feels to adapt a book into a movie?

The original vision is still there, since I’m the one adapting it. But like I said, there are some changes here and there that make the movie that much more streamlined. Also there is now canonical movie specific lore. That doesn’t really happen in the book. But I’ll keep that a secret.

Don’t worry, if the movie ever get’s made – I would release a revised version of the book. That incorporates the new element’s into the story.

Sadly I don’t think the script can be put up for download, since that would complicate things for the studio that picks up the movie in the future. (if that ever happens)

As I’m writing it I’m realizing just how much it would actually cost to produce in real life. And it would be a lot. This is a hi fantasy action oriented R rated film. If you’ve read the book, you know some effed up things happen. That might not be suitable for children, but who am I to say?

Heavenly Bodies is heavy, even though my sense of humor seeped through into the pages, and my congruent nature as well. (I always manage to get my D&D party out of trouble by bargaining or talking my way out of it) it is at least a PG 17 book. Just look at the first two chapters.

Moving on – I reviewed Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation by Studio Bind, adapted form the light novel of the same name. Go check out my review on my anime blog! More review’s are coming soon.

That’s really all I’ve been doing. Oh did you see my new illustration? It’s an old one, that I picked up from the garbage and decided to finish. The concept was underwater merman. But turned into a demi god. Normal for my OC’s.

I also finished a new illustration – no lore for this one yet. I’m a little bit burned out. And there was really no concept for this one. It almost look’s like he’s sleeping. I say to myself, and so I went with that, and added cyberpunk element’s to it. I was thinking of imitating Nihei’s signature architectural style. Although I didn’t come even close, the inspiration came through.

And that’s it! I started playing Final Fantasy XII, I’m playing a bunch of mobile games (having trouble with that). And already started watching the new anime season. Including Mars Red, The Princess of Snow and Blood, Godzilla Singular Point. But that’s just the start, I’ll be watching more show’s this weekend.

As for TV and movies, I recently got to watch the third Heaven’s Feel movie in theater’s and dragged a friend to see it with me. (sorry!) but she was a great sport. Even though some things made her go like this. Other than that the action was incredible, I think my heart stopped for a little bit during the fight with dark saber and rider.

Also I’m really enjoying the series called Resident Alien on syfy, it is certainly the series we need right now. It’s so good and genuinely has me laughing out loud. I hope it returns for a second season.

I’m also made it a habit of watching Vice News at least once a day. I’m not up to date since I only watch one episode per day, but it keeps me up to date with current news. I like ViceN because it seems like they’re on my side of politics. And they always go deep into the story, deeper than any other news reporter. And I remember recently they were doing a story about how Trans people might be affected by a new law passing in Oklahoma that might put them at risk. At risk of not receiving the proper care and treatment they deserve. And they went to the hearing, many men (🤮) went up on the mic and started talking out of their ass. While a professional gender identity studies doctor (a woman) goes to the mic and start’s talking, while actually knowing what she’s talking about. Who do you think Vice went and interviewed ? Obviously the woman doctor. That’s why I like them. But still I do not know the full extent of the story. So don’t quote me on anything.

It goes without saying we need more voices in congress – not just in the US, but across the world. People that represent marginalized groups, and are able to give them a voice. Their needs and ask’s. People that are part of that community.

But hey – I’m that guy that want’s a single worldwide currency, so what do I know right?

For now the movie script will take priority when I finish that, I will update you guy’s, so that everything can come back on schedule.

That’s it, thanks for reading !

Author: FJ

A young fantasy writer during the night, motion graphics and illustration during the day. Currently living in Mexico. Aspiring to make a feature film.

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